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Fans shared support on Twitter and were also over new moms getting any kind of backlash.

Being a new mom is already a massive struggle in itself and they don't need hate from strangers on top of it. "What’s up with women shaming moms and especially new moms???? I’m sick of this [redacted]!!!!" someone responded on Twitter. 

Mitchell was proud of her pregnancy and knew she deserved a night out. "I was so proud of what I’d accomplished in those short three weeks of her life, that I was like, I deserve to go out, and so does every other mother that's gone through 10 months of being pregnant. You deserve to go out and do whatever the hell you want," she said.

Mitchell seems to be living her best life with newborn baby Atlas.

Mitchell is able to stay and work from home while taking care of her almost one-year-old daughter. Mitchell runs the luggage and bag brand Beis, which launched its spring collection late March. Meanwhile, she is taking care of her daughter and self-isolating in her L.A. home.

Like most of us, it seems Mitchell is also losing track of days.

The actor has kept a positive mindset throughout the trying times. She said to Romper, "I think in a lot of ways this pandemic is bringing out the best in a lot of people … sharing vulnerabilities, offering ways to keep people busy and occupied, connecting with more and more people through this shared experience." 

She also compared it to her maternity leave, similar to Kylie Jenner's, who explained that when she was pregnant, she was self-isolating. Mitchell said, "This situation is obviously different as it’s riddled with uncertainty about what the future holds for us and our kids — what a time to be a new mom, right? But it is giving me pause and time to be grateful."

Little Atlas Noa appeared in the Romper story too.

The parenting site includes tips and tricks for new moms, who identify with Mitchell. The social media influencer has spoken about how she doesn't plan to breastfeed for long, and the site gave advice for that. Plus, it gave tips for working from home and taking care of baby.

So much has changed in this little family's life since their YouTube series aired.

Babel and Mitchell are two of the most adorable parents, sharing some sweet photos on social media since Atlas' birth in October 2019. Fans were obsessed with their nostalgic Christmas card decked out in classic ugly sweaters.

Mitchell seems to have fully embraced her new identity as a mother, but held onto the other identities which make her her.

Mitchell shared that the best piece of advice she received is that "no mother is perfect." Mitchell has given herself room to grow and improve, and doesn't need the opinions of others to weigh in on that. She's doing just fine on her own.