Earlier this month, Shay Mitchell announced her pregnancy and a subsequent YouTube series to debut on July 17. The Pretty Little Liars and You star revealed that one of the most difficult parts of the experience so far had been keeping it a secret. So it's no surprise that she was excited to show off her bump as soon as she could and as much as possible. 

Mitchell recently posted snaps from an Italian vacation with some gal pals to her Instagram, and unfortunately a few trolls commented eye-roll-inducing messages to her posts. In true Shay style, though, she brushed most of them off with coy, sarcastic clapbacks. 

Celebrity moms are constant sources of scrutiny, so it was expected that a few comments would surface after the news of her pregnancy broke. 

Shay Mitchell is enjoying her pregnancy in the most chic way imaginable. 

The 32-year-old has posted multiple shots showing off her baby bump and loving every minute of it. For the past few months the actor has had to keep the news under wraps, something that she expressed caused her to feel lonely during the journey. Nothing could stop Mitchell from living up her pregnancy, not even a few pregnancy-shamers that think they know best. 

A snap of one meal abroad sparked a holier-than-thou message from a follower.

Mitchell posted a picturesque image of a meat and cheese spread in Italy. The innocuous post unfortunately garnered attention from some commenters who think they know best. Of course, the only person who has any right to give Mitchell advice on her pregnancy diet is her doctor. 

The rude message shamed Mitchell for posting the food while pregnant. 

"You shouldn't eat that," the comment read along with a pregnant emoji. The commenter was most likely referring to the prosciutto, as most pregnant women should avoid eating deli meats. Mitchell sarcastically responded, "Can I have the wine tho?!" 

Mitchell lounged in the sun showing off her pregnant stomach. 

"B E A C H E D," the actor captioned this post of her lying on a towel near the water. One commenter stated the absolute obvious: "Pregnant," they wrote. Mitchell joked back, "Nooo... big lunch." 

Other comments on this post included countless followers asking Mitchell about the status of the baby's father. One person wrote, "Baby daddy?" and Mitchell just replied with a shrugging emoji. 

One especially rude comment shamed Mitchell for being an unmarried mother-to-be.

This stunning glowing shot of a pregnant Mitchell and her friend Alex Merrell was tainted with one comment that once again brought up her relationship status. 

While most of the messages on the post complimented the star's gorgeous look, one person questioned her pregnancy: "How?? Is she married?" 

The star fired back a sarcastic comment, "Not married, can you believe it still happened?!!" 

After never-ending comments about how to deal with her pregnancy, she had to clarify something so simple. 

The social media maven shared one gorgeous shot of a luxurious bathtub with a stunning view. After a barrage of comments shaming elements of her journey, she clarified that taking a bath was totally OK for the baby. "Tubs with a view are my favorite. *it was lukewarm, chill*" Mitchell captioned the post. 

Shay is documenting her pregnancy journey on YouTube, and the most recent video revealed the baby's gender in the most unique way. 

Mitchell and her boyfriend, Matte Babel, appeared in a YouTube video together to reveal the baby's gender. After feeling certain that she was having a boy, the actor found out in the oddest way possible that she was wrong. A battle between a blue and pink Power Ranger ensued with the pink Ranger victorious, signifying that Mitchell and Babel are expecting a girl. 

All in all, it appears that Babel and Mitchell are going to be great parents to a healthy child. So could people please stop nitpicking at everything she does while pregnant? Thanks.