If YouTube is your thing, chances are you're familiar with Sister Squad. Made up of James Charles, the Dolan twins Ethan and Grayson, and Emma Chamberlain, the fun-loving friend group keeps us glued to our screens and hunched over in laughter. And if you're like us, you kind of just fell into the trap of binge-ing their videos, but don't know much about how they all came to be friends in the first place. Well, we have the answers.

In a 2018 interview with Heard Well, Charles elaborated on how the dynamic group formed. “Me and the Dolans met from my literally leaving thirsty comments on their Instagram pictures, so that was fun because they’re the best,” he said. “They actually reached out to me last Halloween and asked me to do their Halloween makeup. We hit it off really quick once they realized I’m not crazy! We just clicked really quickly. They grew up only an hour away from my hometown, and we vacationed in some of the same places when we were younger. They’re very, very business-focused, strong-willed kids, and we just have a lot of the same values, and they’ve been truly amazing friends of mine.” Then, after Charles met Chamberlain on YouTube, the rest was history. 

Their hilarious videos have included "mukbang" challenges, trips to Las Vegas, and everything in between. But now, after millions of views and dozens of videos, some are speculating that the fantastic foursome is no more. Could the news be true? Watch the video below to find out.