Slick Woods
photo: Splash News

Rihanna's favorite model and muse, Slick Woods, has been diagnosed with stage three melanoma cancer. 

At only 23, Woods just started her own family, is in the height of her career, and is an inspiration to many black women. So the news of her cancer diagnosis is especially heartbreaking to her fans. Woods got her start as one of the original Fenty Beauty models and changed the fashion industry's beauty standards with her nontraditional look. 

The supermodel doesn't want pity from fans, though, and has shared a few images that prove she's no victim and will fight hard against this sickness. 

Woods shared that she has started chemotherapy and received an outpouring of support from fans. 

Keeping her spirits high, Woods joked about her signature bald hairstyle. "How I feel about chemotherapy. Shout out to everyone that gotta go through it #atleastimalreadybald," the model wrote on Instagram. Actor Taraji P. Henson commented with kind words, "You are already on the other side of this, healthy and strong like it never happened. I adore you." 

The Shade Room reported that the Fenty model has stage three melanoma cancer.

Woods exclusively spoke to the outlet about her diagnosis and that she "is battling stage 3 melanoma cancer and that the cancer is spreading," according to its Instagram caption. Fans and followers have continued to offer prayers and words of encouragement as the 23-year-old pledges to fight for her life. 

Woods had her first child last year; she was pregnant while walking the 2018 Fenty fashion show. 

Not only is Woods still young, but she also just had her first child, Saphir. Plus, she's at the height of her career. The strong and fierce model has been an inspiration from the beginning, and that's not changing anytime soon. 

She's proving her strength by keeping up her sense of humor and telling followers not to treat her like a victim.

The supermodel may be undergoing treatments and battling a severe illness, but she doesn't want any pity. Woods shared an image of her son looking as sassy as ever and wrote, "Stop treating me like a victim." Fans commented, "... we love you girl ... we know you're a fighter." 

In an interview with The Cut in April, Woods compared acting with modeling, spoke about her debut in the movie Goldie, and gave us insight into a future project.

"Acting is very immortal. As much people watch the movie or buy the movie or whatever, it has more value. But modeling, my pictures can disappear in a week. So it’s dope to be able to be in an immortal field, where people watch my movie and it doesn’t disappear. I have another movie I’m working on a couple of months from now." 

The model has so much ahead of her. If there's anything Woods has proven, it's that she's strong and that she's got this. Sending her positivity and love as she goes through her treatments.