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Her wish was granted. The two reconnected during Comedy Central's roast of Justin Bieber in 2015, and Snoop reportedly got her stoned.

In an interview with Seth Myers, Stewart talked about hanging with him during the roast, claiming that by the end she was "totally high."

"I got high just sitting there," she said. "Snoop had all those, you don’t call them joints, you call them something else. Big fat ones. We had to sit on the stage for four hours, and the secondary smoke is just as powerful as regular smoke. So I was totally high."

Most recently, the friends teamed back up for an episode of "$100,000 Pyramid."

And they totally killed it. For the first (naturally) weed-themed round, Stewart got Snoop to answer seven out of seven questions correctly, landing them a perfect score. They nailed their second round, too, with Snoop showing off an impressive knowledge of home decor buzzwords. In the end, it seems like these two might have more in common than you'd initially expect. 

One thing's for sure. The ~appetizers~ for their show are sure to be plentiful and potent.