Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas attend the Met Gala 2019
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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are relationship goals, simple as that.

After keeping relatively quiet about their engagement, fans were shocked at a live-stream of their wedding in Vegas. Eagle-eyed fans spotted the two together for the first time in 2016, and finally this year Turner shared how the two met. 

Turner has had a big year already: Her decade-long Game of Thrones career came to an end, she starred in a superhero movie, and she got married to Joe after a three-year relationship. 

The first time they were spotted together was at a concert in November 2016. 

Fans spotted the new couple cuddling up and kissing at a Kings of Leon concert at the MTV European Music Awards. Sophie told Harper's Bazaar this year that the two met through mutual friends, and afterward Joe slid into her Instagram DMs out of the blue. He most likely messaged her in the late summer of 2016, as the two were spotted at a Halloween party together that year as well. 

Joe's brother Nick Jonas also met his wife, Priyanka Chopra, in the same way after sliding into her DMs in September of that year. 

November 2016 was a busy month for the new unofficial couple. 

Jonas and Turner attended a wedding together with Nick, who shared this Instagram from a photo booth picture taken at the wedding. "About last night table 5 madness... #rp @pariscarney," Nick captioned the photo. The group appeared to be having a blast together and clearly caused a ruckus at their table at the friend's wedding. 

Turner casually confirmed the relationship the next year on Instagram after posting a solo shot of Jonas smoking a cigar on a boat in Miami. 

A source told People that two became exclusive in December 2016. She shared this shot in January 2017, and Joe commented fire emojis on a photo of Turner the next month, which in the age of social media clearly indicates their relationship status.

The couple kept things private in the beginning of their relationship and tried not to reveal anything. 

In an interview with Mario Lopez at the 2017 Golden Globes, Turner kept positively quiet about her relationship with Joe. Lopez remarked that he couldn't believe the two were dating. "Well, I'm not saying anything. I'm very happy," Turner coyly laughed off the question. 

In September 2017 the couple made the next big step in their relationship and adopted a dog together. 

Sophie introduced her fans to the latest addition to her family, a husky puppy named Porky Basquiat. Like any good millennial pet owner, Turner gave her dog an Instagram account and shared pictures from their life together. Joe and Sophie were spotted walking the dog in New York City together shortly after acquiring him. 

The two have since adopted a second Alaskan Klee Klei named Waldo Picasso, who also has his own Instagram

One year after the two were first spotted out together they got engaged. 

Sophie posted this Instagram showing off her $25,000 engagement ring with a simple caption, "I said yes." Supposedly, Jonas caught Turner off guard with his romantic proposal. Despite their young age, the two are head over heels in love and a proposal was unsurprising for friends and family of the couple. 

After their engagement the two spent Christmas with their combined families together in England. 

The Jonases, Chopras, and Turners all spent Christmas in England together after Joe and Sophie's engagement and Priyanka and Nick's wedding. The future in-laws all joined together at a table in Warwickshire for a holiday meal. The youngest Jonas brother, Frankie, was also in attendance. The only Jo-Bro missing was Kevin, who spent Christmas 2018 with his wife Danielle's family in the states. 

When the Jonas Brothers debuted their first music video together in almost a decade, all of their significant others played a role. 

Sophie, Priyanka, and Danielle were the stars of the Jo-Bros' comeback music video for "Sucker." The elaborate costumes and set design had fans reeling. The inclusion of the wives and then-fiancé, Sophie, was a clear symbol of the Jonas Brothers' dedication to family at the start of their comeback album. 

Joe supported Sophie's career accomplishments too and attended the Game of Thrones final season premiere with her. 

Turner posted this playful photo with her former costar Jack Gleeson who played her evil TV-fiancé Joffrey on the show. Joe feigned jealousy in the picture as Turner cuddled up to Gleeson. She captioned the joking photo, "Awkward...." from the premiere. 

The couple shocked fans everywhere when they eloped and got married in a little Vegas wedding chapel this year.

Their wedding was a wild and impromptu affair that was live-streamed entirely by Jonas' pal Diplo. The two were married by an Elvis impersonator and jumped into a motel pool in their wedding attire after the ceremony. Joe's brothers stood by his side and Priyanka Chopra helped Turner with her veil as she walked down the aisle. 

In a session on Dr. Phil's podcast, Turner opened up about how Joe helped her with her depression. 

Turner talked about her mental health struggle during her Game of Thrones era. She also told the famous psychologist how Joe helped her love herself again after showing her what real love is like. 

Turner told The Sunday TImes that the two broke up for one day because Joe told Sophie he couldn't love her more than she loved herself. Turner revealed that he may have saved her life in that moment.

Despite their Vegas elopement, the two still plan to have a French ceremony. 

A guest at their future ceremony shared and quickly deleted a video of the extravagant invitation to their French nuptials to Instagram, but not before fan accounts could save the sneak peek. Jonas told Harper's Bazaar that they still plan to have a party to celebrate their marriage but wanted to do it their way first. 

Joe was the perfect Instagram husband at the premiere of the Jonas Brother documentary Chasing Happiness. 

Turner and the rest of the "Jonas Sisters" supported their husbands at the premiere of the documentary that recounts the brother's journey to stardom, breaking up, and the comeback album debut. Jonas revealed in his Harper's Bazaar interview that Turner played an instrumental part in his reconnection with his brothers. 

"It encouraged me to see she had such a great relationship with her brothers," he said.

The Jonas Brothers' album dropped today, June 7, and Sophie can't stop playing the song "Hesitate" that seems to be about her relationship. 

Turner shared a screenshot of the song "Hesitate" to her Instagram story. "And also playing this song on repeat. I love you @joejonas" Turner wrote on her Story. The lyrics of the song definitely allude to elements of the duo's relationship, and how they healed one another. 

Joe sings, "I will take your pain, and put it on my heart. I won't hesitate, just tell me where to start. I thank the oceans for giving me you. You saved me once, and I'll save you too. I won't hesitate for you." 

Ugh. Swoon.