All '90s babes can name exactly who their favorite Spice Girl was, and for the girls that loved to run, rejected makeup, and preferred ponytails, Sporty Spice (also known as Mel C.) was their main girl. She showed little girls it was cool to be strong, and fun to be yourself.

Little did we all know, Mel C. wasn't feeling so strong and empowered herself.

photo: Jeff Spicer / Stringer

In a recent essay written for BBC Good Food, she divulged that she struggled with her eating disorder the most while she was a member of The Spice Girls. 

While this isn't the first time she's shared her struggle with her eating disorder, her most recent description is a harrowing wakeup call for anyone who is also struggling:

photo: Burak Cingi / Contributor

I joined the Spice Girls when I was 20 and it was an insane time. I developed an eating disorder; I was in the spotlight, being photographed constantly, and I started to become self-conscious of my body image. I was in denial for a long time but I always wanted to get better — I had talking therapies and holistic therapies, like acupuncture. 

She added that "sport" became a therapeutic force in her life:

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I love to be physically fit and, obviously, to really push yourself, you have to make sure you eat the right things. I like to think I have a healthy relationship with food now, and I love to cook. We’re so much more aware of nutrition nowadays. When I was a teenager, I didn’t know the difference between a protein and a carb. We need to get back to realising that we are what we eat.

Hopefully women who are struggling with the same issues find Mel C.'s confession to be a source of girl power to help them "never ever" feel alone again.

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