"Star Wars" is filled with a lot of stars, from the metaphorical (Laura Dern! Adam Driver! Oscar Isaac!) to the physical (lots of stars in space, guys), but if the lead-up to the release of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" has one star, it's Kelly Marie Tran.

Chances are, you've never heard of Kelly Marie Tran, the newest addition to the "Star Wars" family. She's playing a character named Rose who hangs out with John Boyega for most of the movie. And yes, Rose is surely a badass character and a worthy addition to the canon, but Kelly Marie Tran herself is an angel sent down from the actual stars, if we're judging by her Instagram.

Kelly Marie Tran's Instagram is equal parts adorable and inspiring, filled with the kind of humility and sense of humor you always imagine your favorite stars have.

She's constantly giving her followers a peek into the nitty-gritty of Hollywood, reassuring them about how much work goes into making her picture-perfect.

"Photo on the left is taken by the amazing @professor_ohlsson, for @marieclairemag. Photo on the right is taken by my amazing Mom, for ... my Instagram. ???????? I’m still weirded out when I see photos of myself in magazines. I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to it. I’m still learning to love all sides of me, from the I-can’t-believe-I’m-in- @marieclairemag side to the I-made-my-mom-take-this-pic-even-though-it’s-too-sunny-to-smile side," the caption for this hilarious side-by-side reads.

 "HEY INTERNET, I AM AN UNFINISHED HUMAN AND I AM IMPERFECT AND I AM OKAY WITH MYSELF!! I think it’s time to take back our power, and realize that everything we need is already inside of us... YOU ARE ENOUGH, even if you forget and have to remind yourself sometimes. Celebrate yourself. All sides of you," she continued.

She is constantly in disbelief of Hollywood glamour, and it's totally charming.

"Can someone with more photoshoot experience tell me when seeing photos of yourself becomes less of an out-of-body experience? I know that's me, but also.... IS THAT ME???????" she gushed.

Tran is also very open about her insecurities, but she doesn't just admit she's anxious at times — she uplifts her followers and encourages them to feel confident in their own skin.

"Well here's a photo of me — hair up, no makeup, no filter. I'm an incomplete, imperfect, broken mess and I'm here to say that IT'S OKAY to be imperfect. Actually, our imperfections are what make us special, as cliché as that sounds. Don't let the masses make you believe that you're not enough. YOU ARE ENOUGH. Love yourself, and embrace your messiness. That's where your power lies!" she wrote.

Just consider her first-ever public Instagram post, where she reminded her followers they're worthy of love, no matter what they look like.

"We spend our whole lives trying to hold ourselves up to a standard that is truly unattainable. This chick on the left is who I am 1% of the time. That girl on the right is who I am 99% of the time. And you know what? They're both worthy of love. Whether you're dressed up or in sweats, make sure you love all sides of yourself, because you deserve that! And be sure whoever you surround yourself with does the same," she insisted.

That's a pretty powerful statement to make with your first post!

Kelly Marie Tran isn't afraid to be herself, and that confidence and enthusiasm is infectious. She's a must-follow on Instagram.

"I've been showing up to Hollywood-type photoshoots looking like a legit high school band geek and honestly I have no shame because nerd stuff is the best," she wrote. I mean, c'mon, how can you not love that?!

Kelly, I bow down to you. You are not just a "Star Wars" star, you are an Instagram supernova.

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