If you thought you had a good Christmas this year, prepare to feel inadequate because Stormi Webster just schooled us all on her gifts. 

Kylie Jenner's toddler flashed some major bling on her finger, rocked a haute couture designer gown, played with her favorite cartoon character in real life, and was gifted a two-story, fully furnished playhouse with a balcony. Not to mention, Santa dropped off tons of toys for her to play with, and she got to make Christmas cookies with her mama. Sounds like an enviable holiday to me. 

Sometimes the Kardashian-Jenners receive some pushback for their over-the-top gifts or for spoiling their little ones, but it's no secret that Christmas is their favorite time of year. Who's to judge for them going a little bit overboard, especially the young billionaire Jenner. 

In a new Christmas vlog from Kylie Jenner's YouTube channel, Stormi received one of her biggest gifts of the year. 

Lovey aka Kris Jenner showed her granddaughter out to her backyard where an extravagant two-story, fully furnished playhouse was set up with a working doorbell, fireplace, and balcony. Stormi looked in awe at her new mini home that honestly looks as big as some NYC apartments. The lucky tot climbed up the loft and looked out from her balcony in the video, and looked so dang adorable.

The house looks just like the one that Kylie and Kendall Jenner had growing up. 

The playhouse tradition was definitely passed on. One fan account on Instagram shared a throwback clip from Keeping Up With the Kardashians that shows the girls playing in a mini home that looks just like the one Stormi has now. Plus, Kris Jenner revealed in Kylie's vlog that some of the furniture in the playhouse is from when Kylie was a little girl. I can definitely picture Stormi and her bestie cousins True, Dream, and Chicago playing in this together. 

As if a two-story playhouse wasn't enough, Stormi was also gifted some diamonds for Christmas. 

Kylie Jenner showed off Stormi's new bling in her Instagram Story and it looks massive. The diamond ring overpowered the almost-two-year-old's tiny fingers. The glinting ice sparkled in the light of the Christmas tree. 

Stormi also got another luxurious present: a matching haute couture dress with her mom. 

At the annual Kardashian Christmas Eve party, Stormi and Kylie looked as festive as ever in matching emerald gowns. Stitched into the tag was a personalized message from the designer Ralph and Russo, which read, "Mademoiselle Stormi, Haute Couture 2019." The toddler was styled with adorable white sneakers and her savvy businesswoman mom wore matching emerald pumps with major bling on her neck. 

Plus, the toddler got lots of toys based on her favorite cartoons. 

The little one most likely cares more about the toys she received than the jewelry or designer gowns, but one day she'll be able to appreciate the bling on her finger. As well as the massive diamond ring, Stormi was gifted lots of dolls and merchandise based on her favorite Disney movies and, of course, her favorite Trolls

Stormi's dad, Travis Scott, gave her one of the best presents of all: the chance to meet her favorite Trolls character, Poppy. 

Jenner shared videos of her daughter running around with the Trolls character in costume, and Stormi's face was beaming. The magical meetup looked like so much fun for the tot. Jenner has shared other videos of Stormi dancing along to the movie and singing some of the songs. To say she's a superfan is an understatement. 

The duo looked so adorable in matching PJ's on Christmas morning. 

Jenner shared a photo of her and her daughter sitting by the Christmas tree, and wished her followers a "Merry Christmas." Decked out in candy cane socks and festive pajamas, the two looked like they had a fun morning. 

Jenner kept the festivities rolling with a video of the two making cookies for Santa.

Jenner's fans have watched her daughter grow up before their eyes, and in this fun, family-friendly video, Stormi is speaking to the camera like a natural reality star.