Stormi Halloween Costume
photo: Getty Images

Stormi Webster isn't your everyday toddler. Her parents are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, and she's part of one of the biggest celebrity families there is. She's also already proven at the tender age of two to be a fashionista and shade queen. So while we weren't sure what she'd be for Halloween, we knew it wouldn't be anything ordinary, and we were right. 

Rather than the usual suspects — a bear or butterfly — she went as a Met Gala icon in the Halloween costume that shut everyone else's down. Check out the adorable tot ahead. 

Stormi Webster won Halloween. 

And we mean it. The adorable tot went as her mom, Kylie Jenner, in that iconic purple getup from this year's Met Gala. As expected, it's just about all anyone is talking about, with all the other adult celeb costumes being completely trumped by the little cutie. 

Of course, it was all mommy's idea. 

"My baby!!!!!!!! I can't handle this!!!!" Jenner captioned the hilarious selection of photos and videos. The look, which was completed with a purple baby wig and huge feathered sleeves, was a spot-on imitation of the May showstopper. 

Of course, people made jokes. 

A lighthearted roast of Jenner ensued as expected, with almost all of them alluding to Stormi wanting to be something else for Halloween. 

"Stormi: Can I be Elsa from Frozen

 Kylie: No You’re gonna be mommy at the met gala," one hilarious tweet read. 

People also analyzed the situation based on their astrological signs. 

"Kylie is a Leo and her daughter Stormi is an Aquarius. I know she big mad her mom did this to her," one horoscope expert joked. 

These two surely keep us on our toes. 

photo: Kylie Jenner

We have to admit, we're always obsessing over this mommy-and-daughter duo. From that now-infamous "Rise and Shine" video to that hilarious "mommy b*tch" clip, we have a strong feeling that Stormi will be quite the comedian as she gets older.