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A Sephora in California just came for the darling of carefree, black-girl R&B music, and Twitter is pissed. Singer SZA has a gift for being relatable in her music and on social media, but now she's relatable to black women who shop at Sephora in yet another way. 

She headed to the cosmetics store to bulk up her makeup collection like the rest of us but left with an unfortunate experience that most people of color — often black people — have at some point (or multiple points) in their lives.

SZA called the specific Sephora location and employee out on her Twitter feed.

"Lmao Sandy [at] Sephora location 614 Calabasas called security to make sure I wasn’t stealing. We had a long talk. U have a blessed day Sandy," she wrote on Twitter.

Translation: A Sephora employee profiled SZA and thought she was there to steal its products. 

But SZA clarified exactly why she hit up Sephora. 

"Can a b**** cop her Fenty in peace er whut?" she asked on Sephora. So basically, SZA went to Sephora for what we all go there for: Rihanna's makeup. After all, Rihanna did just drop a TON of new products to heat up our summer. It's also about that time for a re-up for those of us who bought the Gloss Bomb when it first dropped. I know you're out by now. 

We also can't forget that SZA modeled the Mattemoiselle lipsticks. 

And now we know SZA wears and buys Fenty in real life. It's all she wanted to do at Sephora but she couldn't do so in peace because the staff in California decided to profile her as a thief. What a shame. I guess Sephora doesn't listen to R&B music. Otherwise, they'd know she's one of the biggest superstars of the genre and beyond. Translation: She's a little too rich to be stealing Killawatts from the Fenty aisle.

SZA's fans immediately rallied around her on Twitter after learning about the incident.

Fans were ready to storm the Sephora in Calabasas. "Me walking into Sephora location 614 to have a talk with Miss Sandy," one user wrote along with a GIF of Rihanna preparing to walk into a building and handle business. 

Even beauty influencer Jackie Aina, who lives in California, chimed in on the Sephora situation.

"In Calabasas. Kinda not surprised," she wrote. In case you're unfamiliar with that affluent area in California, the demographic is very white. The people there dress like they're starring in a summer hip-hop video in the 1990s but yeah, it's still very white. Oh yeah, the Kardashians live there as well so there's that. This is why Aina isn't surprised by the fact that a black celebrity would be profiled in Calabasas. 

One fan took the opportunity to remind the world that SZA has an unreleased song called "Sephora."

"Y’all worried about Sandy a** but Solana, are you hinting your gonna release your song “Sephora” soon or am i jumping ahead of myself?" the fan asked along with a video of the "Sephora" snippet.

Unfortunately, SZA vaguely confirmed that her calling out Sephora isn't connected to the lost tune. "LMAO THE IRONY," she wrote back to the fan.

But fans of makeup and SZA couldn't help themselves: They HAD to know what Fenty Beauty products SZA ended up copping.

"WATCHU GET?" one fan hilariously inquired. "I'm just tryna sporkle," SZA joked back with a photo of her new Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil ($38, Sephora). If you take a closer look at the picture, SZA also grabbed a Pat McGrath Lip Fetish Lip Balm ($38, Sephora). Yessss for her supporting two black business owners in beauty!

All jokes aside, one person brought up the fact that this isn't the first time Sephora has been caught up in a racial profiling scandal. 

"That’s the second time I heard of racial profiling at @Sephora," one fan wrote. "They better stop playing with me because I love boycotting brands that don’t know how to act!"

This fan is right about Sephora's shady racial profiling past.

In 2017, a Sephora employee was called out for racial profiling and the video was posted online. 

When a black customer approached the Sephora employee about profiling her, the employee informed her that she is "from the hood." That alone was offensive since her assumption was that the black woman she was talking to was from the hood as well and that would be how they would relate to one another. Also, a white person being from the hood is not an automatic recipe for a non-racist. This employee severely played herself over and over as she tried to explain away her assumption that they would steal.

The retailer has also been accused of racial profiling on its website.

The retailer was sued by in 2014 by four women of Chinese descent for racial profiling on its website, according to Fashionista

"Four women of Chinese descent have filed a class action suit against the beauty retailer and LVMH, its parent company, for discriminating against minority customers — in this case, deactivating and blocking accounts of shoppers 'of perceived Chinese/Asian descent based on the ill-founded and discriminatory belief that all Chinese/Asian customers abuse discount sales to engage in bulk purchase for re-sale,' " Fashionista Reported.

It looks like Sephora is going to have to get this racial profiling situation under CTRL. 

photo: SZA

Ha! See what I did there? CTRL is the name of SZA's debut album! You know, the platinum-selling one that earned her enough money to afford a Sephora shopping spree.