Tana Mongeau dated her ex's brother for a prank
photo: Splash News

Tana Mongeau has notoriously had a messy love life, but it seemed like her name had been cleared of drama since cutting off her relationship with Jake Paul earlier this year. 

Well, Mongeau and her ex's brother, Logan Paul, decided to stir the drama pot earlier this past week. The two were spotted getting coffee and looking fairly cozy while hugging and Paul giving Mongeau a kiss on the head.. 

About 24 hours after the photos surfaced, the pranksters revealed that it was all fake and that they wanted to get a rise out of the tabloids and get some publicity for their channels. 

Articles, stories, and posts began flooding in after Logan Paul and Mongeau were spotted together. 

Everyone believed that the two would get together so easily. It would have been incredibly on brand for the YouTube personalities to get together, despite their familial ties. Jake Paul's former ex, Alissa Violet, infamously cheated on him with his brother in 2018. 

The fake relationship spread around everywhere.

Outlets like MTV UK, Paper magazine, The Daily Mail, and Life & Style picked up the story. Everyone believed the pair's relationship, even though it was all planned out. A lot of fans thought the shady coupling was real. 

The two went to major lengths to get people to believe them. 

The pranksters revealed that they liked each other's tweets and made some flirty comments on Instagram to get people to believe the relationship even more. Mongeau even made a TikTok calling Logan Paul her boyfriend. Fan accounts spread the videos and photos like wildfire.

But it turns out it was just a prank.

Despite everyone believing the nonsense, it quickly came out that the relationship was fake. Similarly to her wedding to Jake Paul, this fake relationship was for views, content, and relevancy. While Mongeau's relationship to Jake Paul may have been real, their wedding and marriage was all for clicks. 

Tana Mongeau shared a whole video about the prank.

Mongeau shared a video explaining the details of the prank, and to be honest she was really scared of the whole situation. Until it all went according to plan, Mongeau looked regretful and hesitant about the prank. Even Jake Paul looked upset at the end of her video, but he quickly revealed that he pranked their prank by pretending to be hurt. 

Mongeau and Jake Paul both shared a breakup post in early January. 

The two started off 2020 as single, and Mongeau had stayed out of drama for a good two months. Then, she went and stirred the Paul pot to get back into the media spotlight. The YouTuber claimed that she'll stay single and date for fun, so this fake relationship might be the closest she gets to one this year.

The two definitely fooled everyone, but hopefully the Mongeau-Paul brothers drama is finally come to a close. 

Mongeau and the Paul brothers just can't stop collaborating. Hopefully, this fake relationship is the last fake relationship we see on YouTube for a while. Then again, with this crowd, you never know.