Kim Kardashian West and Taylor Swift get shady after full "Famous" video leaked
photo: Splash News

Is it summer 2016 again, because some Taylor Swift–Kanye West drama just resurfaced and I'm having flashbacks. 

An unrevealed source leaked the entire phone call that took place between Kanye West and Taylor Swift in 2016, when West requested Swift's permission to call her out in his controversial song "Famous." Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian have been shadily liking tweets and posts suggesting that they're not in the wrong, but things don't look good for the West family. 

Swift's documentary Miss Americana touched on the drama and misogyny she faced thanks to West's song. Meanwhile, Kardashian has stood by her husband's side through it all. The unedited leaked phone call sparked the hashtag #KanyeWestIsOver nearly four years after the initial drama.

One Taylor Swift fan shared the entire unedited phone call in a Twitter thread.

While we have already seen portions of this recorded video message between Kanye West and Taylor Swift, this is the first time we're seeing it in full. West opens up the conversation by bracing Swift for the controversial lyric, and she initially seemed uncomfortable. Finally, West reveals his idea for a lyric, "I feel like Taylor Swift might owe me sex." Swift laughs off the comment and said, "That's not mean."

She never gave him permission to call her a "bitch."

The fan pointed out that in the video, "She's clearly uncomfortable af with him saying she owes him sex and tells him she will think about it and let him know if she's okay with it. And ALSO tells him that she wouldn't like if he'd called her a bitch. And he never once mentions 'i made that bitch famous' line to her."

Plus, he didn't make it clear that the song made it seem like he was responsible for making Swift famous.

The entire call was not a good look for Kanye West, and it's clear Swift was uncomfortable with the whole conversation.

Swift never fully gave her permission for the lyric, and instead said she needed to think about it. Plus, reportedly West never played the song for her before releasing, even though he said he would. Swift was aware of the exposure this song would give her, and didn't want it to paint her in a negative light.

Swift famously fought back at West during her Grammy Album of the Year acceptance speech.

Swift came for West and his song "Famous" at the 2016 Grammy Awards. Then Kardashian West shared the recorded phone call, but only showed the parts that painted her family in a positive light. Now it's clear that the conversation wasn't what it seemed.

Kim Kardashian liked a tweet that suggested the new video didn't clear up anything.

"The video showed nothing new. We all knew that. I’m so confused right now," one fan tweeted. Kardashian shadily liked this tweet, and is clearly unbothered by the dredged-up drama.

Meanwhile, Swift has been liking fan posts on Tumblr.

Swift has been perusing her social media platform of choice, Tumblr. Many fans are feeling vindicated by this video and what it shows went down on the phone call. Swift liked a post that read, "WHO WAS TELLING THE TRUTH THE ENTIRE TIME???" with a picture of Swift from this year's Billboard Music Awards.

Swift also liked a Tumblr post that referred to West's disturbing music video.

Swift liked a post that read: "it’s honestly wild that 'kanye west commissioned a lifelike nude wax figure of taylor swift and filmed himself sleeping next to it' hasn’t been a more major factor in the discussion of the ethics of this whole feud."

The post continues, "like all celebrity theatrics aside if i ever found out that a man had paid thousands and thousands of dollars to create a malleable nude figure of me with lifelike handpainted nipples and then he filmed himself lying in bed next to it and put it on the internet for millions of people to look at i would press charges."

The music video did take the "Famous" song to a new wildly inappropriate level. Kanye West clearly took things too far, and Taylor Swift was not happy with the project or the outcome. Now she can feel things have been cleared up.