Taylor Swift
photo: Splash News

It's no doubt that Taylor Swift has had a massive decade, so a documentary is necessary to tell the story of her rise to success. 

While much of her past decade has included successful albums and wins against the patriarchy, she's also been at the center of major dramas and questionable motives. Some haven't been able to trust the musician completely, but others are die-hard fans. 

Either way, it's time Swift gets the chance to tell her story from start to finish, which is what she'll get to do in her Netflix documentary Miss Americana, coming on January 31. 

Taylor Swift's Netflix documentary is coming on January 31. 

It's unclear what exactly Swift's new, and first, documentary will be about, but it's likely that it will chronicle the majority of her career and controversies. The poster looks dark and mysterious, alluding to the mood of Miss Americana, which is also part of the title of one of her songs on the Lover album. 

Hopefully we'll get an inside look at Swift's childhood and family. 

Swift recently released a brand-new Christmas song called "Christmas Tree Farm" based on the farm where she grew up. Plus, Swift has had to deal with tons of family hardships in the past few years because of her mother's health crisis. Her mom has been battling cancer for more than four years. 

I'm sure there will be tons of cat and Cats cameos. 

Swift is not shy about her love for her three pet cats, Olivia, Meredith, and Benjamin, so they will most definitely be making appearances in her doc. Possibly, we'll get another inside look at the film flop Cats. Swift was promoting the movie on her Instagram with a few behind-the-scenes images. 

Swift rose to fame and success in the past decade, but she also had to deal with issues like sexism and backstabbing in the music industry. 

At the Billboard Music Awards, Swift was honored with the Artist of the Decade award, and she wasn't quiet about her latest drama. Her entire musical catalogue was bought out from under her, and became a war among artists and producers in the industry. Many took Swift's side, but a few big names sided with her former label and partners like Scooter Braun.  

Justin Bieber is releasing his documentary around the same time, so I'm sure part of the drama the two faced will overlap. 

Bieber was an outspoken critic of Swift and supporter of Braun during the highly publicized feud. Not to mention, Bieber's ex Selena Gomez is one of Swift's longest and closest friends in the industry. So these two documentaries being released merely days apart is no doubt going to spark even more drama between the two. 

Bieber's YouTube series will premiere on January 27. Meanwhile, Swift's documentary will air on Netflix and show in select theaters starting January 31.