Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's private relationship
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Taylor Swift was once easygoing about her relationships and carelessly showed them off to the world, but with her current boyfriend, it's totally different. 

After facing criticism that she burns through guys, Swift decided to keep her love life private. So fans rarely get the chance to catch a glimpse of Swift and her British beau, actor Joe Alwyn. 

But in a trailer for her upcoming documentary Miss Americana, fans were thrilled to see not one, but two peeks of her private life on the big screen.


The trailer is an empowering look at Swift's career and the recent politicization of it. 

Swift is getting deep with this Netflix documentary about her career. Mostly, she will focus on the past few years when she turned against conservative beliefs and became a queer ally. 

It appears that we also get a glimpse of her personal life. 


Briefly, Swift was seen scooping her boyfriend Joe Alwyn into a big hug. 

In one scene of the trailer, Swift runs backstage into the arms of a blond man wearing a hat who is presumed to be Joe Alwyn. Fans are hoping that this brief moment isn't the only personal one in the documentary. Swift has also revealed that she'll discuss her mom's battle with cancer in the film. 


Swift and Alwyn are barely photographed together in public. 

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn private relationship
photo: Splash News

In previous relationships, Swift has tossed all inhibitions to the wind and couldn't have cared less what the paparazzi picked up. But with Alwyn, Swift has kept things private and personal. However, when her album Lover was released, it was clear how serious things have been. 


Swift didn't need to publicize her relationship for it to be real. 

Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift dating pictures
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From wedding vows in the song "Lover" to an entire song dedicated to her beau's hometown of London, it's clear Swift is head over heels. Hopefully, that will be touched on in the documentary, but Swifties, don't hold your breath. Most likely, Swift will focus on her career rather than her love life. 


Although, she did kiss a mysterious hand in the trailer. 

Another moment for fans in the trailer was this sweet one in which Swift kissed, presumably, Alwyn's hand while in the car. The clip is positively swoon-worthy and made fans only want more. 


Fans are absolutely eating it up on Twitter. 

Fan accounts are sharing the two clips from the trailer all over social media. Because they so rarely get any glimpses into Swift's relationship, they'll take what they can. 


If we could get more content like this in the doc, that'd be great!

"Taylor Swift hugging Joe Alwyn in the Miss Americana trailer is the only thing I needed to see today," one fan wrote. So hopefully, these cute clips will get you through the rest of this week. The trailer moments will at least tide fans over until the documentary drops on Netflix on January 31.