Taylor Swift — you might know her — has just totally wiped any trace of a social media presence. Sound the alarm!

Lo and behold, Swift's Instagram.

Not only are all the photos gone, but she also unfollowed everyone. As of August 9, she was following 94 people.

What does this mean for Swift's #GirlSquad?! Is she still BFFs with the HAIM sisters? HOW WILL WE KNOW?!

Taylor's Twitter is also mysteriously missing a profile image.

Taylor Swift missing profile
photo: Twitter

The singer also deleted every post after September 27, 2015, when she re-tweeted a story about her and Mick Jagger.


TayTay's Tumblr is totally dark, too.

Taylor Swift Tumblr
photo: Tumblr

Well, it's totally pink. But you get the idea. is completely blacked out.

Terrifying. Also, interesting. But mainly terrifying.

Conspiracy theories are flying.

Taylor originally deleted all but 999 of her Tweets, which led many fans to speculate that her next Tweet might be a big announcement. 

Some Three-Eyed Raven-esque Twitter users pointed out that today marks an important day in Taylor Swift history.

It's the three-year anniversary of the "1989" announcement, which is a pretty freakin' big deal. Let's not sugar coat it: "Blank Space" was the jam of 2014.

However, the internet knows that this can only mean one thing...


Fingers crossed!

We'll update this post once Swift re-emerges. Or once #TS6 happens.