Taylor Swift appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and boy, her segment did not disappoint. During the interview, Fallon asked Swift a series of questions about her recent vision correction surgery, which she didn't publicly disclose. "How do you know that?" she asked, completely puzzled, as Fallon's questions became weirder.  "Do they give you painkillers or anything?" he asked her, and Swift, still in the dark, replied, "They definitely give you some pretty hardcore pills after you have a laser in your eye." 

Finally, Fallon drops the bomb: Swift's mother, Andrea Swift, had filmed her immediately after the procedure, while she was still loopy from the anesthesia — and Swift had no idea. The moment she knew, her face was priceless. Call it what you want, but this video is sweeter than fiction, and must be seen to be believed.

When it comes to hilariously embarrassing videos, Swift learned why we can't have nice things.

Swift had zero inkling that her mom recorded her after the surgery. Fallon devilishly reveals that not only did her mom take video, she gave the video to The Tonight Show, and it was going to be aired on TV. Swift was mortified, but Fallon was not sorry.

Swift was stuck in her wildest anesthesia dreams.

The video is gold. PURE SOLID GOLD. Swift is wearing protective goggles that are taped to her face, and she's clearly baked from the medication. "She found a snack," said Swift's mom. Swift is holding a bundle of bananas, and breaks one off. She pauses for a second, before lamenting that she didn't pick the banana she wanted. A meltdown over bananas ensues.

Swift starts to cry over bananas, because anesthesia is a heck of a drug.

"That wasn't the one I wanted" said Swift, as she starts to cry. Swift's mom gently offers to assist her, and plucks the banana she wanted, but Swift is already in post-anesthesia meltdown mode, and frets about the other banana because it "doesn't have a head" anymore. Swift starts crying and walks out of the room, muttering that "sometimes it doesn't go your way."

According to UCLA Health, there are no adverse reactions to crying immediately after eye surgery, but it can cause patients to rub their eyes, which should be avoided for up to two months after the procedure.

That Swift is wearing a teddy bear sweater makes this even more adorable.

Next, we see Swift lying in bed, still wearing her teddy bear sweater, trying to eat the banana.

After laser eye surgery, rest is totally recommended to help the ocular tissue heal — not to mention the anesthesia and pain medication can cause serious drowsiness, so Swift did what every good patient should do. She tucked herself into bed, banana included.

"Don't fall asleep eating a banana," warns her mom, and Swift insists that she's not falling asleep because her "mind is alive." Poor baby!!!

While I would totally call my mom on live TV and cry, Swift took it like a champ.

"She was kind enough to drive me there, but cruel enough to film it and give it to you?" Swift asked Fallon, as the audience dissolved into laughter. "Tell your mom thanks again for that," said Fallon, "she's the best." Swift said she was going to tell her mom something. I'm now reminded to take away phones from caretakers after I get oral surgery next year!