Body shaming is never acceptable — at any time, in any forum, in any context. But it's particularly harmful and disgusting when body shamers take aim at pregnant women. 

During her recent pregnancy, Tess Holliday spoke out about "not having the perfect baby bump" and the sting of comments like, "You don't look pregnant." Today, almost a year and a half after the birth of her second son, the model mom is still dealing with pregnancy body shamers. 

Holliday posted the below meme from a "joke" account that used her pregnancy photo to shame women's bodies.

The meme, which Holliday reposted on her Instagram Stories, compared model Candice Swanepoel and Holliday to make a sick joke about holiday weight gain. 

"I'm pregnant here," Holliday commented. "And somehow this is supposed to be funny?"

Using a photo of Holliday in this kind of side-by-side is degrading and fat shaming.

Making a joke out of the weight of a plus-size woman — let alone a pregnant plus-size woman — is the opposite of funny. Weight isn't a joke, nor should a person's body ever be treated as a punchline.

Holliday's fans worked their magic on that meme account, writing in the comments that there was absolutely nothing funny about this.

We're not laughing.

Reminder: Women's bodies are not up for conversation.

Holliday looks beautiful, and anyone who thinks otherwise can take several seats.

Don't come for Holliday, because she (and her fans) will come for you.