Tess Holliday spoke with Cosmopolitan about her career struggles and wins. Holliday has had to overcome a lot of bullying from the public and a lack of acceptance in the modeling industry. 

Shockingly, Holliday even had to deal with people on her own team getting in the way of her dreams. Holliday is ambitious, so when she told her team she wanted to do high fashion, she found one of her employee's responses to be unacceptable. 

Tess Holliday revealed to Cosmopolitan that she had to fire a team member. 

An employee asked her what her goals were for the year. Holliday said she wanted to do high fashion. 

Holliday fired the person. 

"Someone on my team ... emailed me and asked me what my goals were for 2018. I said I wanted to do high fashion, and they responded with saying that it was impossible," Holliday said. 

"That if the designers aren't making clothing in my size, then there's no point in even asking the designers." 

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"When people tell me I can't do something it makes me want to do it and I am incredibly stubborn, so I fired them," Holliday said.

"There was something inside me that knew it was possible because I had already done so many things that were impossible."

Holliday also revealed that companies were happy to send her free stuff to post on social media, but they refused to pay her. That's when Holliday realized that she had to push herself even further. 

It is unsurprising that Holliday would fire someone on her team who doesn't believe in her. The model already had to deal with so many people outside her team who don't believe in her.

Ugh, not that what Piers Morgan thinks about anything even matters.

Needless to say, Holliday is plenty successful without the haters in her life.