Tess Holliday's husband, Nick
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Tess Holliday is a powerful, outspoken plus-size model who isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She holds the fashion industry's feet to the fire on sizeism and doesn't take sh*t from anyone.

It was important to her to find a partner who shares these same values and personality traits — and she found that in Nick Holliday.  

Tess Holliday and Nick Holliday
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Ever wonder about the bearded man who stands proudly by Tess' side?

Meet Nick, the man behind the Munster

Nick Holliday is an "artist/designer/maker" by trade. 

What is Nick Holliday's job?
photo: Instagram/@nickhollidayco

Per his Twitter bio.

He hails from Australia.

Tess Holliday's husband
photo: Instagram/@nickhollidayco

But he moved to the United States to pursue his relationship with Tess.

He and Tess started dating after he slid in her DMs.

How did Tess Holliday meet her husband?
photo: Instagram/@tessholliday

Yes, seriously!

Six years ago, Nick sent Tess a message on Tumblr ("I love how you inspire other women," he wrote) and the pair began chatting. They talked online for seven months before Nick traveled to the US to finally meet Tess. 

They've been a couple ever since.

Nick and Tess share a son named Bowie Juniper.

Who does Tess Holliday have kids with?
photo: Instagram/@tessholliday

Nick is also a father to Holliday's son, Rylee, who she had when she was 20 years old and still living in Mississippi. 

Like Tess, Nick is devoted to body positivity. 

Nick Holliday naked
photo: Instagram/@nickhollidayco

"The sun cares not about your body's size, how it moves (or doesn’t), your colour, your gender, your sexual orientation," he captioned this Instagram snapshot, posing in the buff.

However, he's struggled with self-esteem in the past.

Who is Tess Holliday's husband?
photo: Instagram/@nickhollidayco

"I don’t have a lot of photographs of myself," Nick recently admitted in a heartfelt Instagram post. "My struggles with my self image have mostly kept me behind the lens. What few images I did have were almost all lost in a storage fire about seven years ago. #oldheadshotday got me digging around in what I *do* have, so enjoy this 10 year old #Polaroid of me painting naked late at night in my old studio in Brisbane."

He's also a role model for dads balancing parenting with mental health. 

Who is Tess Holliday's husband?
photo: Instagram/@nickhollidayco

In a Father's Day tribute on Instagram, Tess wrote, "As someone who has mental illness, being a Dad isn't always easy for him. He isn't perfect, and we have good and bad days, but he shows up when I need him, when our boys need him."

He isn't afraid to candidly discuss topics like his anxiety.

Nick Holliday tweets
photo: Twitter

"I already do a powerful breathing exercise to manage my anxiety," Nick shared on Twitter. 

He added, "Followed by a powerful coughing fit."

He challenges gender norms.

Tess Holliday's husband
photo: Instagram/@nickhollidayco

"When I posted my last photos wearing a skirt I lost over 600 followers, so let’s see if I can cut out some more dead wood," he captioned this Instagram snapshot.

He is committed to "putting the 'gentle' back in gentlemen."

"May we raise our men to be better, stronger, and give them societal space to be vulnerable so we can lift the burden of emotional labour from women’s shoulders," he wrote on Instagram.

He's hilarious. 

Seriously, follow him on social media. The dude has jokes for days!

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