Tess Holliday is here for total inclusion and maybe even some world domination, too. The model has been actively working to put women over size 14 on the covers of magazines and on the runways— and though she's made some headway, there's still SO MUCH work to be done.

But if you know anything at all about Holliday, you know she won't stop until change is made, which is why she's speaking up again about the fashion industry's failings.

Holliday is the first to applaud some brands for including more body types, but she's not so thrilled at how "others" have chosen to ignore plus-size women.

"There are a lot of people that [won’t] even respond," she said in a recent interview.

Holliday explained it's been an ongoing challenge for her stylist. “I’ve been working with my stylist Megan for a couple of years now. She’s reached out to designers that I didn’t think would dress me. I went to Kate Spade’s presentation, and Kate Spade dressed me for my book tour. But there are a lot of people that [won’t] even respond. Kate Spade was one of the big brands that did," she said.

Holliday definitely isn't alone. She explained that feeling "ignored" is a common sentiment in the plus-size fashion world.

“I’m grateful that some of these designers are at least showing 12 and 14, but I think that it’s frustrating because I want it to be available for more plus-size women globally. I want to see more representation, I want to see them doing it in a really thought-provoking way and actually understanding how to dress our bodies," she said. "And yes, it is complicated, but we’re a huge percent of the market and we have so much buying power, and we’re just constantly being ignored.”

This year's Fashion Week is the perfect example of that lack of respresentation. "You’re definitely not seeing marginalized bodies and people of color as much as you wish you were," Holliday noted.

“I had people taking my photo,” she said about NYFW. “It wasn’t as much that I thought it would be. I definitely saw people around taking photos, but I just assumed that they weren’t taking my photo because they didn’t know who I was.”

If she had it her way, plus-size women wouldn't just be acknowledged in order to "fill some quota."

“It’s nice to have a column that’s written by a plus-size person or a few plus size trend stories in each of the magazines,” she said. “It would be nice to see us in a little more glamorous spotlight instead of just being used to fill some quota. Really, sometimes I feel like we’re just used so people can pat themselves on the back.“

She makes a good point, especially since runways are now showing less plus-size women than ever before. If brands were smart, they'd listen to Holliday and include women of all sizes. After all, representation is the only thing that's forever on trend.

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