Tess Holliday
photo: Splash News

Tess Holliday is a plus-size model, mom, and all around rock star. 

The mom of two recently graced the cover of Parents magazine, which should have been a solid, career-defining experience. Unfortunately, part of her moment was ruined by absolute trolls on the internet who couldn't keep their heinous comments to themselves. If the comments about Holliday's weight weren't enough, some of these online haters wrote about her children's body sizes and gender expression. And, honestly, that was crossing a line. 

Never silenced, Holliday clapped back at these body-shaming haters and referenced Jillian Michael's recent remarks about Lizzo's size as adding fuel to the fatphobic fire.

Holliday and her two sons, Rylee and Bowie, were all smiles for their Parents cover shoot. 

Unfortunately, the smiles were short-lived, because haters on the internet couldn't keep their mean comments to themselves. Some of the body-shamers were feigning concern about the model and her sons' health. But, in reality, those types of comments are really only more harmful. 

Holliday began, "Look at how happy, like genuinely happy, we were the day of our @parents shoot. Why isn’t that the focus for some?" Then she wrote, "Scroll to see why I talk about my 'health' & size so much — because of ignorant comments like these. Because we live in a world where the #jillianmichaels of the world think that our worth is based on our sizes and profit off of our hatred of ourselves, especially if we happen to be fat."

The cover turned out so great, and Holliday wasn't about to let these haters turn the shoot into a mess. 

Personally, I think Holliday and her two boys look downright adorable and so dang happy in this photo. 

Holliday called out the haters in her post, "I’m a mom who happens to be fat. Yes, I’m aware some of y’all think that makes me less equipped to be a parent, but let me tell you, I know a lot of crappy 'skinny' parents. My children are loved, safe, and happy. So let’s just like, love each other and be nice?! Oh and don’t comment on my children’s weight or bodies or call my youngest 'feminine' for choosing to have long hair — that is gross & I will block you."

Holliday is aware of how the world perceives her, and doesn't deserve all of the flack. 

Holliday said in her interview with Parents, "People assume I can’t pick up my son or that I’ll drop dead soon … But I’ve always responded with, 'Why would I put my body through being a mom and childbirth to not be around for them?'"

She has no trouble parenting, thank you very much, and the only thing making it a struggle is the haters on the internet. 

From this behind-the-scenes video, it appears like everyone was happy and smiling during the shoot. 

Holliday is becoming a symbol for plus-size moms who haven't had anyone to look up to before. She captioned this video, "I read this magazine as a young, single mom & to be on this cover with my boys as a successful woman, AND a plus size mom, means so much to me! Visibility matters!" 

The haters came for her in this post in 2019, and she had the best response. 

"Imagine just wanting to be able to share photos of my little one and instead, being told I’m unfit to be his mom because of my size," Holliday wrote. 

Then, she continued, "None of us are promised tomorrow, regardless of our weight, and I can guarantee that if I were to die tomorrow, both my boys would know how loved they were and what a badass their mom was."