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Holliday was at the forefront of the movement, holding her own sign that read: “Share this if you’re unapologetic #IWontCompromise.”

The protest was organized by the plus-size brand Penningtons — which carries Holliday’s line. The brand livestreamed the incredible movement on Facebook.

Following the #IWontCompromise protest, Holliday took to Instagram to share her excitement over the new wave of body positivity.

 She wrote:

"Today something amazing happened and I got to share it with these amazing women. Yes for body diversity. Yes to walking through Union Station in just your bra and jeans. Yes to us embracing our bodies at all stages."

The model started the #EffYourBeautyStandards hashtag over two years ago in response to society's unrealistic body expectations.

As Penningtons' #IWontCompromise protest proves, Holliday's simple campaign has now catapulted into a global movement.

Keep up the amazing work, Tess.

Tess Holliday
photo: Instagram/@tessholliday