Between her #EffYourBeautyStandards campaign, her breathtakingly raw autobiography, and her inspirational Instagrams, it's safe to say plus-size model Tess Holliday is changing lives. 

She has helped her millions of followers learn to love themselves —  which is why many of them want to show her love in return.

On Sunday, Holliday shared a slew of fan art on her Instagram. Among them was a tattoo of Holliday's naked silhouette, and the intricate ink nearly brought her to tears. 

Holliday reposted a snapshot of the fan's tattoo onto her own Instagram, adding a heartfelt caption and "happy crying" emojis.

Tess Holliday tattoo
photo: Instagram/@tessholliday

"I never thought that people around the world would tattoo me on their bodies or make beautiful art of me," Holliday humbly wrote. "It’s fucking crazy and I’m so grateful for all of you!!"

She tagged Ricki Proper, the Chicago-based artist who tattooed the silhouette. 

Holliday then shared a handful of stunning fan art and kept the feels coming.

Tess Holliday fan art
photo: Instagram/@naehrstff
Tess Holliday fan art
photo: Instagram/@ceyzaamera
Tess Holliday fan art
photo: Instagram/@neoqlassicalart
Tess Holliday fan art
photo: Instagram/@sarah_jayne_draws
Tess Holliday fan art
photo: Instagram/@mary.janye

(Including another tattoo!)

Tess Holliday fan tattoo
photo: Instagram/@femmeinkssm

These tattoos serve as (permanent) reminders of Holliday's influence on the body-positive movement. 

Tess Holliday "glam" makeup
photo: Instagram/@tessholliday

Holliday has made it her mission to redefine beauty and body standards, and for that, fans are literally forever thankful. 

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