photo: Instagram/The Rock

There's something about watching a dad and his daughter bond, especially when the dad is a big teddy bear like The Rock. The actor and father of three has proven just as exciting to watch off-screen as on, and his family has surely picked up on the funny gene. His youngest, 2-year-old Tia, seems to particularly have his wit, and it was on display in a hilarious Instagram video. 

See it for yourself. 

After clearly spilling quite a bit of raw spaghetti noodles on the floor, she blamed it on a mythical creature. 

"If I ever find this 'Paghetti fairy' who made all this mess I’m slappin’ it’s wings off," Johnson captioned the hilarious photo. "Baby Tia putting the heat on the 'Paghetti fairy' as she slowly lets all the spaghetti fall on the floor saying 'she did it again?' is some of the funniest sh*t I’ve experienced in a long time. That’s my kid — 100% unflappable in the moment of crisis." 

And while the whole video had us hunched over in laughter, we'd have to agree: Tia dropping more noodles and continuing to blame it on the fairy is the most hilarious part of this clip.