Joe Exotic documentary
photo: Instagram/Joe_Exotic

Binge alert: Netflix has the show that everyone will be glued to their televisions watching. Tiger King, the real, expletive-filled, and insane story of Joe Exotic has captured the attention of audiences everywhere, and it's leaving everyone with questions. The unbelievable, real-life documentary is almost impossible to fathom, and to be honest, you just have to watch it to believe. 

Ahead, check out some of the Twitter reactions thus far, and a few spoilers along the way.

In case you haven't tuned into Tiger King on Netflix, you should.

The absolutely unbelievable story of formal animal park owner Joe Exotic is the documentary that has everyone confused, bewildered, and downright shocked. "HAS ANYONE WATCHED TIGER KING ON NETFLIX??????????" someone on Twitter who feels the same way asked. "I am losing my f*cking mind how is this real how is any of this real so many things are happening."

The ways the numerous storylines unfold is nothing short of insane.

Without saying too much, the premise of the story goes a little like this:  The gay, polygamist, gun-toting, tiger lover owns a controversial tiger park that's seemingly under attack by animal conservationists, most notably, Carole Baskin. What unfolds for the next seven episodes is pure chaos. "5 minutes into every episode of #TigerKing thinking it can’t possibly get any crazier like," someone tweeted.

Even the sane people in the documentary make us wonder.

One thing that can't be ignored while tuning in is the gaudy decor of just about everyone's home. Even those not seen as completely unhinged have some very questionable interior choices. "Watching Tiger King and this is one of the few non-weird people in it and still, look at the decor," someone hilariously tweeted.

People have already formulated a live cast.

Because something this iconic cannot go without a blockbuster film. With every episode things got crazier, and what's even more insane is that it's all true, and all happening in real time. "#TigerKing Movie cast: a thread," a oh-so-accurate casting thread read. If you've watched, you'll know that this is literally spot-on.

Even the celebrities are stressed by it.

Cat-loving Jhené Aiko was even moved by it. "Hey all you cool cats and kittens," she tweeted. "I finished 'tiger king' on netflix last night... been stressed out ever since. hug ur kitties tight tonight."

Yes, this is literally that intense.

Seven episodes later, and we're still so, so confused. 

We have so many unanswered questions, and yet, it's one of the most brilliant things we've ever watched. No doubt in the world that this will be the source of the next few months of memes, gifs, pop culture references, and everything in-between. "Hands down the most insane show I have ever watched," someone tweeted. Like, so many batsh*t crazy things just happened in 7 episodes. How is this real??"