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Yes, more TIkTok news, folks. This time, however, it's a remix to the long-attempted Savage challenge that's taken over timelines everywhere. The hilarious rendition is dedicated to none other than Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin, and it will surely be stuck in your head for days. So if you're one of the millions who believe that Baskin is behind her husband's death, sit back and stay tuned — your favorite new song is just a scroll away.

There's a new kind of Savage challenge around. 

And while it's still the same dance, it's surely not the same words. A recent video has surfaced of a hilarious TikToker remixing Megan Thee Stallion's iconic dance, switching up the lyrics to focus on Carole Baskin and the killing of her husband. In it, the funny guy is dressed just like Joe Exotic, and it's downright hilarious. 

And literally, it's stuck in everyone's head.

If you thought the other TikTok crazes were something, this one definitely takes the cake. "I hate the internet I’m trying to go to bed and that f*cking tik tok about Carole Baskin to the tune of savage by hot girl meg is stuck in my head and I’m miserable," someone tweeted.

The lyrics are just so damn catchy.

We have to admit, the TikToker definitely has a future in songwriting. "'Carole Baskin. Killed her husband, whacked him. Can’t convince me that it didn’t happen. Fed him to tigers, they snacking.' To the beat of savage has been in my head for two days," someone tweeted writing the lyrics.

It's pretty much poised to be the next challenge to take over the nation.

Move around all others, this one is about to change the game. "One day my middle school students will find the video of me doing the 'savage' dance to a song about Carole Baskin killing her husband and I will never be able to live down the embarrassment," a tweet read.

Please, make it stop.

"I have the savage song stuck in my head but it’s the 'Carole Baskin; version and Idk how to make it stop," someone tweeted. 

Nothing else to do. Might as well learn a new TikTok.