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A few people noted that after Lizzo's video, a clip of D'Amelio dancing in a bikini immediately followed. 

The hypocrisy of these two videos following each other is astounding. Another person wrote on Twitter, "@lizzo YOU KNOW, SHE KNOWS, like look what followed her video about bikinis! I’m shook ! @tiktok_uk @tiktok_us  SORT IT OUT #LIZZO #tiktokexposed." 

TikTok thrives off of dancing and bikini videos from users much younger than Lizzo. So why remove hers? 

Obviously there is some fat-shaming and misogyny going on here. "I am sooo happy Lizzo called Tiktok out. One of if not the most popular user on that site is a white woman who posts herself in Bikinis all the damn time dancing to music. They tried it," another Twitter user noted. 

There's no ill will or shade toward D'Amelio. 


##duet with @charlidamelio pov: when you thank Charli for using your song in a TikTok ???? lol THANK UUUU HAPPY 32 million ##fyp

♬ Cuz I Love You - Lizzo

After posting her callout of TikTok, Lizzo congratulated D'Amelio on her whopping 32 million followers on the app. Obviously, Lizzo doesn't blame the young user for TikTok's wrongdoings. D'Amellio featured Lizzo's song in her video, and the artist replied with plenty of support. 

Meanwhile, if you need all the Lizzo content, she still has plenty of bikini shots on Instagram. TikTok, get your act together. 

Lizzo loves nothing more than a good bikini picture, so why take that joy away from her? The artist is not standing for the injustice and fat-shaming. Hopefully TikTok will take her message to heart. 

Obviously, Lizzo slays the TikTok game, and I'd hate for her to leave the app because of this. 


I don’t got no Prada ????

♬ WALKED IN - ultradiox

If TikTok doesn't clean up its act and work on its representation, we might miss out on quality videos like these. Lizzo also shared a sweet clip dancing with her mom and some highlights from the Brit Awards. Lizzo is an incredible dancer and performer, so there is only great content to come on the app.