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Content warning for anti-semitic slurs.

Twitter appears to be making good on their promise to finally do something about hate speech on their platform — albeit maybe a little too late.

Just days after removing a number of prominent white supremacist Twitter users who call themselves members of the “alt-right,” Twitter has also suspended the account of Tila Tequila, whom you may have recently seen in the news giving the Sieg Heil salute during a dinner with — you guessed it! — a bunch of other goddamn Nazis.

photo: @AngelTilaLove on Twitter

If you’re not sure who Tila Tequila is, that’s understandable. After all she’s a horrible human being who doesn’t matter and brings nothing of value to the world. But just to catch you up: She was the self-identified queen of Myspace circa 2005, and elevated herself from social media stardom to reality show fame thanks to MTV’s 2007 dating show “A Shot Of Love With Tila Tequila.”

However, in recent years she’s become better known on social media for being a Nazi. Seriously, an actual Nazi. 

In 2013 she posted an article sympathizing with Hitler (it was literally titled “Why I Sympathize With Hitler: Part 1”) in which she wrote:

"Hitler was a good man and it takes some f---ing balls for someone to say this out loud this day and age, especially for a public figure like myself, but you know what? SOMEONE NEEDS TO SPEAK THE TRUTH WITHOUT FEAR! Otherwise the dark cabal who currently control the world and all of the world bankers will continue to feed you their lies, feed off your emotions, take advantage of your emotions and will continue to keep you THEIR SLAVE!"

That same month she also posted images on her Facebook page of her modeling a sexy Nazi uniform with Auschwitz Concentration Camp — where, remember, 1.1 million people were killed —  photoshopped into the background behind her. This, along with supremely anti-semitic comments like ““GOD SEE’S YOU DIRTY FUCKING KIKES WORKING FOR THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN AND I HAVE RETURNED AS HIS MESSENGER! TAKE HEED NOW BITCHES!” led Facebook to permanently delete her page.

Tila Tequila
photo: Tila Tequila

For some reason Twitter didn’t appear to have quite the same problem with hate speech as Facebook did three years ago, and so Tila (or Hitila, as she sometimes liked to be known) continued to rail against the Jewish people, only briefly stopping once after her comments lost her a spot on on a season of “Celebrity Big Brother” UK in 2015. She then blamed her disgusting rhetoric on “depression and drug addiction,” which seems a little fishy, because normally when I’m depressed I can barely leave the apartment — much less dress myself up in a sexy Nazi uniform for a professional photoshoot.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter because less than a year later she was back to her usual tricks,

She  referred to Hitler as “my boo” on his birthday and called for Jewish journalists to be gassed. That naturally led to her decision to support Trump, because I don’t know if you’ve noticed but a lot of Nazis seem to love that guy.

Of course, Twitter’s decision to finally make good on their commitment to remove hate speech from their service by suspending Tila Tequila and other like-minded hatemongers is encouraging, but certainly won’t do anything to stop the fact that she is joined in her efforts Nazi sympathizers and supporters who are all doing the exact same salute in federal government buildings, all in the name of President-elect Donald Trump

f you feel like doing something tangible to combat the rising tide of fascism in the United States, there is plenty you can do.

Consider donating money to the ACLU, the Standing Rock Medic and Healers Council, or other organizations that fight intolerance and support marginalized people.  Subscribe to responsible news outlets like the Washington Post (and holding them accountable for their mistakes);  call your representatives, especially if they are Republican, every single day for the rest of their miserables lives; and maybe wear a t-shirt with the name of “Inglorious Basterds” hero Hugo Stiglitz on it and roam the countryside striking fear into the miserable hearts of Nazis everywhere. 

Every little bit helps.