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Taylor Swift's new boyfriend Tom Hiddleston might be influencing the way she dresses (and the whole thing is probably a performance art-style PR stunt anyway), but she's clearly having an effect on his wardrobe as well. At their July 4th party this year, he appeared wearing a white tank top emblazoned with "I heart TS" on it. No, really. 

But wait! Maybe we're all being a bit hasty here. After all, there are plenty of non-Taylor Swift related reasons Hiddleston could be wearing such a shirt. For example, he could be wearing it to announce his love of...


Times Square

#HappyJuly4th from Times Square!

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He's just really into flashing lights and crowds. 


"Thor's Stupid"

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Even while making out on the beach, Tom Hiddleston cannot deny his Loki-loving roots.  


T.S. Eliot

Hiddleston seems like the type to enjoy a good modernist poet, wouldn't you agree?


Tori Spelling

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He's just a really big fan!


"Top Secret"

He is the frontrunner (at least, the white, non-Idris Elba frontrunner) to play the new 007. Perhaps this is his way of signalling to us?


"The Sims"

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I bet his favorite thing is making his Sims fall in love with firefighters, burglars and other strangers who appear in their house for various purposes. He seems like that kind of romantic. 


"True Story"

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Remember that crime drama from last year with Jonah Hill and James Franco? Tom Hiddleston liked the book better but he still thought it was interesting. 


"Ticker Symbol"

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Let's face it, the man has a lot of investments. 


"Totally Spies!"

I mean, who didn't love that show?


"Triangle Shape"

Further proof that Taylor Swift is a member of the Illuminati. 


"Totally Suspicious"

photo: NBC

See, he's signalling proof that this whole relationship is a hoax!