tom holland spider-man costume
photo: The Walt Disney Company

I'm going to preface this story with a very bold statement that many (many) of you are not going to like: Tom Holland's Peter Parker is the best live-action Spider-Man that exists — and if you don't agree with me, we can't be friends. Not only does Holland perfectly encapsulate the character's best and most notable qualities (kind to everyone, whip smart, and just bashful enough), but he also shows those same qualities in real life as he does on-screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Spider-Man's heroism translates to real life, too, as seen by a recent video showcasing a scary impromptu autograph signing in which a young woman got trampled by grown men who clamored to reach Holland for a signature. Luckily, Holland didn't take too kindly to that, and the way he handled the situation has the internet full-body blushing.

A fan who goes by Cass is going viral on Twitter after she posted this scary video she took while trying to score an autograph from real-life Spider-Man Tom Holland.

"This was absolutely INSANE and should NEVER happen," she wrote alongside the video, which now has 19,000 retweets and more than 80,000 likes. "My neck was literally against the barricade with 30 grown men behind me pushing.... ridiculous how people act like you’re not only endangering fans safety but Toms as well."

For proof/perspective, here's another video from the back of the crowd showing dozens of (mostly) full-grown men trying to force themselves forward, consequentially squishing Cass.

"My friend that was standing in the back took this video while it was going on...... welcome to the clown show," she wrote. "All of us there (fan wise) were literally like 5’2 with 30+ 6ft tall grown men pushing and basically climbing behind us."

Tom Holland's response? "I'm going to throw your [redacted] on the floor if you don't stop pushing that girl."

photo: ABC

Cass, clearly fraught, tells Holland she's on the verge of having a panic attack (rightfully so, with a bunch of dudes shoving the items they want signed right over her head). He responds, "It's OK, I've got you, I got you," before politely asking the people surrounding her to back away.

At that point, you can hear men shouting, "we're TRYING," with exasperation. OK, dude.

And if THAT weren't heroic enough, Cass puts the icing on the cake by noting how Holland gently pushed away the fliers men were aggressively waving above her head.

If you've ever tried to meet a celebrity in a rabid crowd similar to this one, you know just how terrifying — and dangerous — it is or can become. Imagine what it's like to be completely shuttered in by people who are both taller and bigger than you, only to then have them force you into a solid, unmoving surface while shoving large paper documents over and around you.

Meanwhile, everyone's screaming. Pretty stressful, yeah? Tom Holland certainly gets it, but a lot of celebrities don't.

People are flooding Cass's Twitter to tell her they're glad she wasn't hurt — but also, TOM HOLLAND THO.

I don't think anyone thought it was possible for the Marvel star to become any more lovable, but boy, it has happened. First there was his charmingly incorrect pronunciation of "croissant," then came the Zendaya dating rumors, and now this?! Be still my Spider-Man-loving heart, frankly.

Celebrities who acknowledge when fans need their help and also do their best to protect women? HOT.

Twitter clearly agrees because this video's thread is absolutely flooded with remarks such as, "IM LITERALLY CRYING WHAT A GOOD MAN," "can he got me??? sir please," and "he must be protected at all costs," to list just a few.

TLDR: Tom Holland is an angel, and the thirst is real.

I know those statements are a little contradictory in tone, but hey — kindness is sexy, OK? Peter Parker would definitely approve of this impromptu moment of heroism.