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Travis Scott took to his Instagram Stories to dispel cheating rumors. The rapper (and boyfriend of Kylie Jenner) was forced to respond to the internet conspiracy after a fake TMZ photo of him with another woman surfaced. 

Scott denied the rumors. Then Jenner shared a photo hinting at a possible engagement. The only problem: Scott never said the man in the photo wasn't him. So what is the truth?

Makeup mogul Kylie Jenner has been dating Travis Scott for a while now.

The two have a baby girl together named Stormi. 

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Despite whichever Kardashian-Jenner controversy is making waves in the news, the couple and their tiny family have largely been scandal-free — until now. 

The internet has concocted a bizarre fan theory that Scott is cheating on Jenner — except they don't have very much proof. TBH, when it comes to personal matters, these two are pretty low-key.

Then a photo, made to look like it's from TMZ, appeared. The image shows a guy who looks like Scott canoodling with a woman who isn't Jenner. However, the man's face is obscured and it could be anyone. 

"Trolls working hard today," Scott wrote to dispel the rumors. "Me and my wifey study... Only got love for my wife. No time to be wasting. Try again." (No, these two are not married. Scott often refers to Jenner as "wife" or "wifey.")

In typical celebrity fashion, Scott took to his Instagram Stories to further dispel the infidelity rumors. 

Fans believe the image is a photo taken from the set of an upcoming music video. 

The caption of the since-deleted image by the Instagram user "melaninnbarbiee" read: "Nobody likes me but yo baby daddy keeps me icy." 

But I wouldn't read too much into the caption (unless you want to). They're song lyrics from the track "Icey" by Melii. 

After the incident, Jenner took to her Instagram Stories and caused some more major drama. 

The diamond ring emoji has everyone wondering: Are these two engaged?