Former YouTube sensation turned pop star Troye Sivan is pretty open about his personal life and willing to talk sex in interviews, but sometimes things get taken too far. 

The artist spoke to Them, an LGBTQ-focused magazine, in depth about his music, his sexuality, and being a gay icon in a well-thought-out feature article. However, on another one-page, rapid-fire style interview at a different LGBTQ publication in New Zealand called Express, things got invasive and inappropriate. 

The South African–born, Australian singer replied to fans who noticed how wildly unprofessional and rude the questions were. Plus, Sivan clapped back at the reporter who thought the questions were totally warranted. 

Sivan was the cover star of Express magazine, an LGBTQ-focused publication based in New Zealand. 

The magazine interviewed Sivan before he took his Bloom tour to New Zealand. Instead of asking about the artist's music, career, or his inspirations, the reporter, Matt Fistonich, dove deep into talking about the singer's sex life. As opposed to other interviews that talk about sex and relationships, Fistonich's article was brash and uncaring. 

The singer replied to fans who had shared the pages of the magazine where the rude comments and questions were made. 

One fan read the article and felt it was completely uncalled for. They wrote, "Who’s this interviewer; the bar is on the floor." 

Sivan replied with a snappy comeback, "I thought about asking the interviewer about his absolute fave sex position after that last question, but then I remembered how wildly invasive, strange, and inappropriate that would be. Didn’t stop him though!"

Sivan joked with his fans, who quickly came to his defense. 

"Next time I’ll just do a Twitter Q&A," Sivan replied to the tweet. The 24-year-old was asked about his attraction to Shawn Mendes, whether or not his boyfriend would give him a "pass" to hook up with the straight musician, and which sexual position he prefers. The rapid-fire style of the hyper-personal questions felt flippant and rude. 

One fan joked that things got way too personal.

Fans started joking with the hashtag #asktroye extremely personal questions like "What's your credit card info?" and "What’s your SS number?" Sivan came back with a poignant response, "You sure you don’t wanna just ask if I have a gayby or if I like Will & Grace like the other guy???" The interviewer also stereotyped the singer by assuming he would like Will & Grace over Friends, and suggesting that Sivan and his boyfriend treat their dog like a "gayby." 

No hard feelings to New Zealanders, but Sivan definitely won't be back for an interview with that publication. 

One fan apologized on behalf of the country: "Sorry from the entirety of New Zealand minus this person who we are now petitioning for to be removed from our country." Sivan made it clear that he harbors no ill will toward the country, and still plans to perform in New Zealand on his world tour. "Lol nooooo don’t, NZ is my fave and I can’t wait to get there," the singer wrote. 

It's even more disappointing that this was an LGBTQ-centered magazine, and it didn't notice the inappropriate nature of these questions. 

Just because the magazine is speaking to an LGBTQ audience and the interviewer was a gay man does not excuse the invasive questions. One person was shocked at the lack of common sense in this interview. Sivan's fan wrote, "Unreal how people don’t understand what’s appropriate and what’s not." 

Invasive questions like these are unthoughtful and, honestly, rude.

Another person pointed out that just because Sivan spoke about his sexuality in the past does not open up others to intrude and ask questions like the one this reporter did. 

They tweeted, "Why do people just don’t understand that someone can a) be open about their sexuality b) joke about it once in a while, but those things STILL don’t allow people to intrude their personal and sexual life just like that because it’s just plain rude and disrespectful."