Elizabeth Taylor in "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof"
photo: MGM Studios

Elizabeth Taylor is known for her iconic Golden Age of Hollywood roles, being a mainstay in the public eye, and her striking violet eyes. The iconic actor won two out of the five Oscars she was nominated for in her lifetime. Eight years after her death, she has made headlines once again — this time on Twitter for a trending photo. 

A fan recalled a hilarious shot from a story in British Vogue in which the star supposedly wore a wig to match her beloved dog's hairstyle. The post spurred thousands of responses with users posting their own comparison shots with their own pets

The hilarious look shows that the star was the spitting image of her Shih-Tzu Mariposa. 

"Elizabeth Taylor, and I can not stress this enough, wearing a wig designed to match her Shih Tzu dog, Mariposa. Photo by Norman Parkinson for British Vogue (1972)." 

Someone dredged this photo deep from the archives, and it quickly sparked popularity among animal-lovers. 

People took this as an opportunity to show off their matching looks. 

One raven-haired user on Twitter perfectly matched the equally dark-haired hound. The dog's perky ears match the bouffant hairstyle, too. "I’ve reached expert level in dog matching," the response reads. 

What started as an homage to the iconic Hollywood actor quickly turned into a contest for who had the closest matching look. 

This woman's long wavy locks are on par with her dog's silky waves. The brunette hair seems to cascade seamlessly with her pet pooch. Comedian Katherine Ryan shared the photo to the post, but it was actually a photo of her friend who she tagged, Emily Dean, host of the Walking Dog podcast. 

Dogs weren't the only stars of the show; here, cats were featured, too. 

Not only were dogs and cats featured, but even one person claimed to look like their pet guinea pig. This woman's dyed gray locks match the color of her kitty's fur purrfectly. "Me and Ethel did it better," the user's competitive spirit came forward in this tweet. 

One person found their next pet by basing it off of a hairstyle. 

One person replied, "And now I know what kind of dog I need to get." Their dreadlocks match that of this Hungarian sheepdog, the Komondor. Obviously when making the important decision of which dog breed best suits your lifestyle, hair should be at the top of the list. 

One person went so far as to Photoshop hair onto his dog and himself.

This selfie with Photoshopped hair somehow matches the dog's coat color perfectly. "We take hairstyles very seriously in our house," the response reads. Pet owners oftentimes pride themselves in having an appearance that matches their furry friends, which is evident in the popularity of this tweet. 

Elizabeth Taylor was a notorious animal-lover and had multiple dogs and horses. 

A famous quote from the award-winning actor was shared in one reply. "To quote the Legendary Elizabeth Taylor. 'Some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses.'" The iconic star was surrounded by pets throughout her 79 years; she was often photographed with a pet in hand whether it be a Maltese or even one of her cats.