Kobe and Vanessa Bryant
photo: Splash News

Our hearts are with Vanessa Bryant after she tragically lost her husband, Kobe Bryant, and one of her daughters, Gianna Bryant, in a helicopter crash. 

The wife of the basketball star had kept private after the sad news until yesterday when she changed her profile picture to one of her late husband and daughter and made a public statement

Celebrities and sports stars have been sharing their own reactions and mourning the immense loss. Bryant was a legend and his daughter was one in the making. 

Looking through Vanessa's Instagram photos, it's clear how much she loved her family and how proud she was of her husband and all of her daughters. 

Vanessa was obviously so proud of her daughter for following in her dad's footsteps. 

Gianna's nickname, "Mambacita," was taken after her dad's moniker, "Mamba." It's symbolic of their work ethic and power on the basketball court. The 13-year-old already had some of her dad's moves and was coached by him, too. 

Like most young teens, Gianna (aka Gigi) loved making TikTok videos with her friends. 

Her mom shared a few of the silly social media videos: Some were with her friends and others were with her sisters. The proud mom kept up with her daughter's interests and clearly supported her creativity. 

Kobe and Vanessa shared a New Year's Eve kiss, and it's clear how much they loved each other. 

The two had known each other for 20 years and share four daughters. The love is so obvious in their posts, plus they were both so proud of being a family-oriented couple. 

This last Christmas card is also heartbreaking. 

It's sad to think that this will be their last Christmas card together as a complete family. The beautiful family didn't deserve this tragedy. 

Vanessa and Kobe were always getting involved in family holidays, especially Halloween. 

Halloween this year was a family affair. The six-some went as characters from The Wizard of Oz. It seems like they had as much fun as the kids did dressing up. 

Gianna and Bianka, 3, shared a special bond. 

Gigi and Bianka were so sweet together. In this video, the little sister runs into her big sister's arms on the basketball court. The loss of sisterly love is again one of the most devastating parts of this tragedy. 

Kobe's oldest daughter, Natalia, just turned 17. 

Natalia Bryant will surely help her mother in the months following this devastating loss. But sources close to Vanessa revealed to People magazine that she is trying to remain strong for all of her daughters. Kobe was involved in all of his daughters' lives and posed with Natalia for photos during her homecoming dance. 

Kobe and Vanessa attended P. Diddy's 50th birthday together late last year.  

The Bryant couple were among the star-studded attendees at Diddy's 50th birthday party. As the parents of four girls, I'm sure date nights were a special occasionn, so they took advantage of this occasion. The two looked so happy together dressed in their glamorous attire. 

Kobe just became a father to 7-month-old Capri. 

Baby Capri's middle name, Kobe, is in honor of her dad. Capri's name now has even more significance than when she was born. She'll know her dad loved her and that he was an all-time legend from the countless stories and memories people have shared. 

Kobe was such a cute dad — and that was all he wanted to be after his NBA retirement. 

All of Kobe's closest friends explained that all he wanted was to spend more time with his family and be devoted to being a dad. In a few interviews following Capri's birth, he even suggested having one more baby to total five.

On their anniversary, Vanessa posted a throwback photo from their first picture taken together. 

"The day we met 20 years ago. K.o.b.e. I L.o.v.e. YOU @kobebryant #forever 11/27/99 #firstpic," she wrote. The two shared a life with so many beautiful memories.