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That time she dressed up in a sari for a party.

Hudgens received a lot of flack for wearing a traditional Indian garment and headdress for what she described as an "Arabian night" birthday party. Considering that saris can be worn to conserve Hindu culture and express spirituality, using the clothing as a costume is viewed as disrespectful.


That time she wore a bindi to Coachella.

We should actually say times, because Hudgens wearing bindis on her forehead has become an ongoing occurrence. She's become famous for sporting the Indian forehead accessory during her annual trips to Coachella, to the point where the cultural symbol has increasingly become seen as a fashion accessory at music festivals, rather than a significant aspect of Hindu culture. 

We're sure Hudgens doesn't intentionally go out of her way to culturally appropriate, but it's time for her to stop treating other people's cultures as a costume. It's just not cute.