It's been over a decade since the first High School Musical debuted on the Disney Channel, but Vanessa Hudgens still knows every word to her iconic duet. 

The 30-year-old actor was belting out the lyrics to "Breaking Free" at a karaoke party with friends. Hudgens shared the video to her Instagram, and HSM fans were rejoicing. It's no wonder Hudgens was feeling nostalgic, as the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series just released to Disney+ on November 12.

Meanwhile, the artist has been hard at work promoting her new holiday movie, The Knight Before Christmas, on Netflix. 

Vanessa Hudgens channeled her inner Gabriella Montez for a raucous bout of karaoke. 

The former Disney star sang loud and proud the lyrics of her iconic duet with Zac Efron at a karaoke party with her friends. Hudgens joked, "Um. Here’s a really bad, aggressive, and totally sober ... version of 'Breaking Free.'"

Even singing as a joke, she still sounded better than I could ever sing. "Yep. That happened lol it hurts my ears but also makes me laugh lol the 'ooo yeah'. Dear lord lol," she concluded her caption. 

This karaoke number was much different from her singing in character as Gabriella. 

Gabriella Montez and Troy Bolton first met on a karaoke stage — how fitting. The shy high schoolers realized that their voices were a perfect match and they fell in love. In real life, too, Efron and Hudgens dated for a time while filming the HSM saga. 

Of course, the song Hudgens sang nearly 15 years later was their rocking end-of-movie number "Breaking Free."

This sweet and soft iteration of the song is very different from Hudgens' gruff interpretation nowadays. Regardless, this was a fun trip down memory lane. Clearly the star is feeling slightly nostalgic. 

It's no wonder she's feeling nostalgia for her former part. A new series based on the films is now available on Disney+.

A mockumentary-style scripted series is now on Disney+. The show takes place in the actual high school where the movies were shot in Salt Lake City. The "real" students of the high school audition for a part in the school musical, which happens to be High School Musical.  

Meanwhile, Hudgens has moved on to do other projects since her time at East High. Her most recent is the The Knight Before Christmas coming on November 21 to Netflix. 

Hudgens has performed in Broadway shows, live versions of musicals on television, such as Rent and Grease, plus acted in various other movies since her Disney tenure. Next up, the 30-year-old is starring in a holiday rom-com about a time-traveling knight. It's unlikely she'll ever truly return to her High School Musical days, so this video snippet will have to do.