Wendy Williams mom-shamed Ashley Graham
photo: Splash News

Wendy Williams is infamous for sticking her nose in other celebrities' business and definitely not keeping her opinion to herself. Her latest comment about Ashley Graham was totally unnecessary. 

Graham had a mommy emergency while out running errands with her newborn baby. The seven-week-old had a "diaper blow up" that needed to be dealt with immediately. With "no restroom in sight," the new mom did what she had to do and changed her baby on a mat in the Staples' aisle. 

Williams disagreed with the supermodel's choice and mom-shamed her on her talk show. It doesn't help that Graham was mom-shamed to no end in the comments on her Instagram post. However, she did have the support of other celeb moms like Amy Schumer, Jenni "JWoww" Farley, and Sara Foster.

A diaper explosion can't wait, so the new mom did what she had to do.

Graham shared an experience on her Instagram that most moms are probably embarrassed by, and normalized the awkward moment. Graham captioned her post, [Redacted] just got real! First diaper blow up while running errands with no restroom in sight! Thank God I remembered to put the changing mat in the diaper bag!!!"

Wendy Williams did not agree with the supermodel's choice, and thought she should have found a different solution.

Williams questioned what was so important at Staples that the new mom had to bring her young baby out and about. The audience seemed to have some mixed reactions to Williams' comments, but many were in support of her mom-shaming. Surely many parents have experienced this and don't need to be humiliated for it. Williams didn't want Graham to normalize changing babies in public, and for everyday moms to do it.

Graham and her husband, Justin Ervin, are doing their best.

Graham introduced her baby, Isaac Menelik Giovanni, on her podcast along with Ervin. Graham has normalized many elements of motherhood on her social media, most notably her breastfeeding photos. "We’re not tired, you’re tired. #6weeks," she wrote in a post.

Some were concerned for the health of the baby on the floor.

"As a registered nurse I am HORRIFIED!!! How filthy is the floor of a public place?!  I don’t care if she had a changing pad with her! At 7 weeks old this baby barely has an immune system and with this terrifying virus threatening us? This is the worst! GROSS!!!!!!" one Twitter user responded to Williams' clip on Twitter. 

Graham understands what is best for her baby, and she used a changing mat so he wasn't even touching the ground.

Luckily, she had the support of other celeb moms like Amy Schumer. 

Schumer commented, "That's a Queen right there," on Graham's post. Actress Sara Foster replied, "We’ve all been there." And reality star JWoww wrote, "I know that feeling... gotta do what u gotta do." 

It should be more concerning that Staples and other stores don't have readily available restrooms or changing tables. 

There should be other options for mothers than to change their babies on the floor. One Twitter user clapped back at Williams, "Wendy, The shame should not be on Ashley...it should be on Staples for not having a changing table. She was being a good mom and taking care of her baby...the suggestion for her to go to the car, with an open door/cold air is ridiculous...are you really that out of touch???" 

Many people were commenting, suggesting that she change the baby in the car, but Graham lives in New York City. It's highly unlikely that she even had a car to go to. Not to mention, many mothers, especially those who use public transit, don't have the luxury of "going out to the car."

People clapped back at Williams for mom-shaming on her show's Instagram page.

Williams stood by her unpopular opinion, even though many people were coming for her in the comments. One person wrote, "Does it matter? The baby needed to be changed. When you're a mom you make due with what you have wherever you are. What's the big deal?" In conclusion, just let moms be.