If Madame Tussauds thought the BeyHive would just let them disrespect Beyoncé with a disgraceful wax figure, they thought wrong. 

Beyonce wax figure makeover
photo: Splash News

After photos of Beyoncé's horrifyingly inaccurate wax figure surfaced online last week, angry Twitter users demanded that Madame Tussauds do something — anything — to fix that sad excuse of a statue. 

The museum made the decision to temporarily remove *this* wax figure from its display to give it some necessary updates.

Madame Tussauds Beyonce wax figure before
photo: Twitter

According to TMZ, Madame Tussauds revealed plans to modify Bey's wax figure by adjusting the styling and the lighting. 

The "new Beyoncé" was given a slightly different hairstyle and some changes were made to her complexion. The end result:

Beyonce statue updates Madame Tussauds
photo: Twitter

Still not a Bey clone but... it's better?

Twitter quickly shared the side-by-side comparisons.

But even with its much-needed updates, the Beyoncé wax figure *still* hasn't earned the internet's stamp of approval.

Beyonce wax figure updates
photo: Twitter

Maybe that's because a slightly-less whitewashed Beyoncé is still a whitewashed Beyoncé...

photo: Giphy

Perhaps Madame Tussauds should just start over. The makeover attempt is appreciated — but the "Beyoncé" wax figure still misses the mark. 

The BeyHive deserves better.