Chances are, you've started seeing Charles Melton just about everywhere lately. I mean, how could you miss those impossibly chiseled cheek bones? Whether you recognize him as the bouncer at La Bonne Nuit in Riverdale or that guy from Ariana Grande's new music video, one thing is for sure: Melton isn't going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, he's just getting started.

Who is this mysteriously handsome actor, and what else can you expect to see him in? Read on to learn more.

Charles Melton, who plays Reggie Mantle on Riverdale, is having a moment.

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Melton came on for season two of the Archie Comics-inspired show to replace Ross Butler as the quintessential jock Reggie Mantle.

This Korean and Cherokee actor grew up in Manhattan, Kansas.

Let the good times roll

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Similar to his Riverdale character, he's also big into sports. He played two years of football at Kansas State University — you can even watch his high school recruitment video here.

He's definitely a family-oriented kind of guy, judging by his Instagram feed.

Melton has two sisters, Tammie and Patricia, and he's an uncle to an adorable little boy named Sean.

Oh, and he dates his Riverdale co-star Camila Mendes IRL.

Charmila are just as adorable in real life as they are on Riverdale. Sorry, Archie Andrews, Reggie and Veronica are endgame.

Before Riverdale, you might have seen Melton on another spooky show: American Horror Story.

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Melton played the role of Mr. Wu in season five (Hotel) of American Horror Story in 2015. His character appeared in two episodes and ended up getting slaughtered by two blonde Swedish girls who died in the first episode.

His first credited acting role came just a year before that on Fox's Glee.

charles melton in glee
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Melton was in Season 5, Episode 14 of Glee (titled "New New York"). Prior to appearing on the show, Melton admitted Glee was his favorite show and that he was a "Gleek."

Prior to his first acting gig, Melton worked as a professional model.

He worked with labels such as Armani, Azalea, Dolce & Gabbana, Hollister, Old Navy, just to name a few.

He was even once the face of MAC Cosmetics.

Masculine Makeup for Masculine Men. #firstMensMacLine

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If anyone can sell makeup to men, it's Melton. I mean, seriously, even I wouldn't mind looking like him and I'm a woman.

Most recently, though, you probably recognize him from Ariana Grande's new video.

Grande teased the video for "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored" on social media, and Riverdale fans immediately lost their minds.

In the video, Melton grabs Grande's attention from across a crowded night club, and she goes full on Single White Female on him and his girlfriend.

There's no explanation yet on why Grande chose Melton to star in the video, but we'll definitely keep you updated if she spills the details.

Melton will star as Daniel Bae in the film adaptation of The Sun Is Also A Star, which comes out this May.

He stars alongside Yara Shahidi in the romantic film. The full trailer was just released and you can watch it in theaters on May 17.

He's also working on the upcoming sequel to Bad Boys with Vanessa Hudgens and Alexander Ludwig.


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Bad Boys For Life is an "American buddy cop action comedy film" set to arrive in theaters in January 2020. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are also reprising their roles for the film.

To keep up with all of Melton's endeavors, follow his Instagram, @melton.

I had eggs for breakfast

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At the time this post was published, the actor has racked up a casual 4.2 million followers. His feature in Grande's video, as well as his upcoming roles, will surely lead to even more.

We can't wait to see what Melton does next!

photo: The CW

While we wait, however, we can continue to watch his shenanigans as Mr. Mantle for the rest of season three and the upcoming season four on Riverdale.