William and Kate Meghan Markle
photo: Splash News

On Sunday, the world watched in awe as Meghan Markle revealed the alleged hardships she had endured as part of the royal family. She detailed unrelenting micro-aggressions, mental health issues, and racism that was not only directed toward her but also her son. And while nearly everyone was wondering what William and Kate had to say, sources allege that they didn't know that everything had become so severe.  

According to Us Weekly, the couple is in shock. 

Meghan Markle
photo: Splash News

“William and Kate were in total shock after hearing what Meghan and Harry said,” a source told the publication. “What shocked them the most was Meghan’s suicidal thoughts and their quotes on a royal family member mentioning Archie’s skin color. William and Kate knew about some of their troubles with palace aides, but nothing to this extent.”

And while some may argue that they couldn't have not known, we're pretty certain that this royal saga will continue to play out.