Nicki Minaj
photo: Splash News

Celebrities are subject to intense scrutiny and criticism, but that's nothing compared to their bad wax counterparts. 

When a celeb gets a bad wax figure, it seems like everyone comes for it, because some of them really are that bad. Sometimes the wax creators at Madame Tussaud's and other similar wax houses know exactly how to craft the perfect look-alike, but other times it goes terribly wrong.

These are some of the worst wax statues that are seriously nightmare-inducing. Proceed with caution.

Nicki Minaj's 2015 statue is trending again after moving to Berlin. 

Nicki Minaj bad wax figure in Berlin
photo: Splash News

Minaj approved of the creation back in 2015, but her fans are up-in-arms over it nearly five years later. While it's meant to look like the rapper from her "Anaconda" music video, her face doesn't look anything like her. 

Ariana Grande looks all wrong in this recent creation that was an homage to her early style. 

Sure, Grande's long ponytail and adorned braid are part of her iconic style, but that's about the only thing this statue gets right. The skin tone is way off and her face is totally distorted. One fan replied to this tweet, "eyebrows nose and lips are completely wrong."

Beyoncé has literally only had one good wax figure from her years in the limelight. 

Most of Queen Bey's figures have been a complete disgrace. One fan noticed that they must use the same mold for the artist, because she's in the same stance. They wrote, "ok so they just have beyoncé her first wax figure that actually looks good (last pic) after many bad attempts but i wanna know why all beyoncé’s wax figures are doing the same arm up pose?"

Justin Bieber looks like a complete mess.

Madame Tussaud's Sydney
photo: Splash News

Bieber's face is completely squished and not at all what he really looks like. And it may be bad lighting, but the face looks so oily and pale. Not to mention he looks like he's aged 20 years. 

Barack Obama's wax figure was a total failure. 

One person tweeted, "If you thought the Beyoncé wax figure was bad then you should see the Barack Obama one." Wax creators have always had a hard time with the former president and former First Lady Michelle Obama. Neither of them have been re-created accurately.

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys had Game of Thrones fans in shambles.

A wax museum in Dublin hyped up a Game of Thrones statue for weeks before revealing this atrocity. Poor Clarke looks nothing like this sunken-in statue. At least they nailed the bushy brows.

Ed Sheeran's wax figure has a frightened look in its eye. 

Ed Sheeran wax figure
photo: Splash News

Sheeran flicked off his statue at its unveiling and promptly took a selfie with it. But I don't think it was too show off its likeness. The cross-eyed statue is totally bizarre and unrealistic next to the real deal. 

Kim Kardashian has had so many bad wax figures, but this one takes the cake. 

Kim Kardashian wax figure
photo: Splash News

Kardashian was the first of the family to get her likeness immortalized in wax, but it didn't look too hot. Before the wax creators at Madame Tussaud's got pretty good at their statues, Kardashian had to face a few questionable imitations. 

Oprah Winfrey's is a true disgrace. 

Oprah Winfrey
photo: Splash News

This wax figure is truly abhorrent. The face doesn't look anything like the incredible talk show host, feminist, and power woman. 

I really can't even handle this Rihanna wax figure.

Rihanna wax figure
photo: Splash News

Who would do Rih-Rih like this? Even in her red-haired era, this statue looks nothing like the musician and entrepreneur. I'm sure wax museums everywhere can do better than this.