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Where did the good go?

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In the old days, when a celebrity couple broke up, the public would find out days to weeks to months later via press release, or via one half of the couple stepping out with Angelina Jolie. (JOKES, JOKES!)

But now, thanks to social media, we #blessed fans can find out that a genetically gifted pairing has called it quits the exact same way we found out that third cousin we don't really like broke up with her high school sweetheart: via the purge of couple photos from one (or both) of their Instagram pages. Harsh.

After all, purged Insta-pics were the kiss of death for Kaley Cuoco, who began deleting snaps of her now ex-husband Ryan Sweeting before she covered up the tattoo she got of their wedding date. And now, as of Monday, April 25, it appears that Zac Efron is letting the world know he is done with Sami Miro — his model slash designer long-term girlfriend — in the exact same fashion.

Below, the evidence:

A Seth Rogen where Sami Miro should be.

photo: Instagram/Zac Efron

Above, you see photos of Efron with Seth Rogen, Efron with a lifeguard station, and some salad. Seems innocent enough, but not when you remember that a photo of Efron with Miro — whom US Weekly reports he has dated since October 2014 — should be there between the lifeguard station and that damn salad. The internet is on to you, Efron.

He also unfollowed Miro on Twitter and Instagram, which, as we all know, is pretty much the kiss of death — and he still follows the official account for that gawd-awful "Dirty Grandpa" movie, so it's not like he is picky. 

Miro, as of press time, has been too busy at Coachella or whatever to delete all of her photos with Efron and/or unfollow him on her accounts. But if the below photo stops working in the coming days, DON'T BLAME ME BLAME THE DEATH OF TRUE LOVE:

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