Zac Efron Vanessa Ann Hudgens
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Celebrity breakups are tough — for the celebs and for the fans too. It explains why everyone is taking the breakup of Vanessa Ann Hudgens and Austin Butler so hard. After nine long years of dating and some beautiful memories, the two announced that they had split and suddenly, everyone questioned if love really does exist. Well, it does. And Twitter is hoping that for Hudgens it means rekindling an old flame with her former boyfriend Zac Efron

Could it really happen? Everyone is surely hoping so. 

There once was a movie that made us all fall in love. That movie was High School Musical. 

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The teenage love story that was filled with music, dance, and romance marked the beginning of our obsession with Gabrielle Montez and Troy Bolton, played by Vanessa Ann Hudgens and Zac Efron. The on-screen couple made it official off-screen for about five years, and their split broke the hearts of fans everywhere. 

However, after the duo went their separate ways, Hudgens entered an almost decade-long relationship with Austin Butler, and love was in the air again. 

Hudgens broke hearts yet again, and the split has been all Twitter has been chatting about all week long. "Vanessa and Austin broke up after 9 years this is a pop culture tragedy," someone tweeted about the split. 

And now Twitter is hoping for a rekindling for Hudgens, but not with Butler. 

"So you’re telling me Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens are single at the same time …?" one tweet asked. That's right, folks, the couple of our teenage dreams may just possibly be a possibility again. Twitter users are practically begging the two to get back together, and when we think about it, we kind of like the idea as well. 

What was once sadness for many fans has seemed to quickly turn to excitement. 

While hearts are still mending from the news of Hudgens and Butler parting ways, many are finding solace in thinking about Efron entering the picture again. "Me finding out Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler broke up, but then realizing this is Zac Efron’s chance to revive Zanessa," someone tweeted with a hilarious gif. 

And let's be real, after nine years, we're sure that Hudgens doesn't want to waste any more time. 

And with Efron she won't have to! These two have some serious history. "Austin Butler really wasted 9 YEARS of my good sis Vanessa Hudgens time, 9 YEARS & HIS BONY A** COULDN'T EVEN GET DOWN ON 1 KNEE. Zac Efron come get your woman!! Lol 2020 IS ZANESSA YEAR," another hilarious but stern tweet to Efron read.