Zendaya ATX TV Festival "Euphoria" premiere
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Zendaya had to fend off one man's request to take her on a date while promoting her upcoming series Euphoria in Austin, Texas. 

Because Zendaya is too good for this world, she politely humored him before smoothly brushing him off. The actor is extremely private and doesn't like talking about her personal life or dating history

The absolute last thing the 22-year-old would have wanted to deal with is romantic advances as she tries to answer questions about her character and work on the new HBO series. Euphoria premieres on June 16. 

Along with the cast and creators of Euphoria, Zendaya attended the ATX TV Festival in Austin. 

Zendaya answered questions at a Q&A panel following the premiere of her HBO series at the festival. Unfortunately one fan took it upon himself to ask the actor out on a date following some pretty personal questions. Page Six first reported the exchange.  "Did you literally inhale the good stuff? The weed?" the man who introduced himself as Mikal asked. Zendaya responded, "No, I don’t do any of that, so it was definitely a foreign thing for me." 

In the upcoming HBO series, Zendaya plays a recovering teenage drug addict. 

After the man asked Zendaya if she had ever partaken in drug use, he went on to ask if she'd accompany him to a local ice cream shop, Amy's. Zendaya humored his request and politely said, "Yo, if I had time I would because I love ice cream and I appreciate that."

"Is that a no or a maybe?" he pressed. "We'll see," she replied. 

Zendaya was joined by Sam Levinson, Eric Dane, Hunter Schafer, and Barbie Ferreira at the panel. 

When Zendaya played off his request, the questioner Mikal said she could bring along someone else too, because, you know, he's a stranger. That's when Zendaya finally got the last word and joked to the audience, "We all going," as reported by Page Six. The Q&A was able to resume, and the actor shared insight into her character and how she got her start on the HBO series, the real reason she was there. 

The rest of the questions were professional and strictly about her role in the upcoming series. 

The actor was at last able to complete the press conference unbothered. She shared during the panel that her career was in a lull when she was approached for the series. With her Disney career somewhat recently coming to a close, and her part in Spider-Man: Far From Home wrapped, Zendaya was left with a career void she had never faced before. 

"I was grateful that he somehow saw something in me and believed in me in that way," she said of the show's creator, Sam Levinson, approaching her to play the role of Rue. 

The new series is about high schoolers navigating "love and friendships in a world of drugs, sex, trauma, and social media," according to a statement from HBO

Levinson shared that he wanted to be as mindful as possible when portraying drug addiction. Levinson is a recovering drug addict himself and has been sober for the past 10 years. He said in the panel, "If we’re pulling our punches and we’re not showing the relief that drugs can bring, it starts to lose its impact. Drugs are not the solution, but they can feel like it at times, and that’s what makes them so destructive," according to Deadline

Zendaya stars in the show alongside Maude Apatow (Girls), Jacob Elordi (The Kissing Booth), Sydney Sweeney (Sharp Objects), and Storm Reid (A Wrinkle In Time).  

Euphoria marks Zendaya's leap from her squeaky clean Disney days. A few of her young fans asked her about her transition from Disney to the controversial HBO series, according to Vanity Fair. "Please tell me you didn’t watch that... your parents are responsible," Zendaya joked to her young fans. "The nos count as much as the yeses," she revealed, discussing how picky she had to be in regards to her career path. 

Zendaya looked as flawless and independent as ever at the LA world premiere earlier this month.

At the world premiere of the series in LA earlier this month, Zendaya posed under the colored lights. The upcoming show's Twitter account simply stated, "a mood." As Zendaya's acting career soars beyond her humble Disney beginnings, she has her eyes set on much bigger prizes than who she does or does not date. The fiercely independent 22-year-old is an inspiration for career-driven young women everywhere.