Zendaya "Spider-Man: Far From Home" premiere
photo: Getty Images

It's hard to imagine Zendaya as anything other than the stylish queen she is today, but even this effortlessly cool celebrity had an awkward phase. 

The former Disney star has transitioned into more adult projects with HBO's Euphoria in which she gave an absolute standout performance that had many praising her acting abilities.

The 22-year-old is also an active social media sensation and keeps her fans occupied with witty tweets and Instagram posts. But she recently discovered another negative aspect of the apps when an old video resurfaced that showed all of her most heinously awkward fashion moments from the mid-2000s. 

The actor has matured on- and off-screen, but even she can't escape the awkward middle school years. 

Hello Kitty "nerd" glasses, scrunched duck face poses, chunky skater sneakers, and super-filtered photos flood this video. "I remember this Zendaya phase so clearly sksksksks," the user writes in a tweet. Zendaya did not appreciate the resurfaced images and wrote, "I truly hate this [redacted] app sometimes... I’ve worked too hard for this [redacted] [redacted]."  

There's truly no explanation for this mismatched shoe moment. 

After this video gained traction, more fans resurfaced awkward fashion moments from the celebrity. One person shared an image of Zendaya wearing a high heel and a sneaker, and, utterly confused, wrote, "[redacted] explain." The actor snarkily replied in a joking tweet, "Kiss my [redacted] [redacted]." 

Others could not let this style choice go. 

One person joked that these are the shoes you grab when you're asked to bring the groceries in from the car. "Mom: Come outside I got groceries, Me:," the tweet reads. Another person was just completely confused at the logistics of walking in these kicks. "How does one walk with one sneak and one pump?"

There's no doubt that Zendaya was absolutely Emmy-worthy as Rue, but we can't let her live this down. 

After receiving unlimited props for her acting abilities in Euphoria, these videos and images surely knocked her ego down a notch or two. Someone replied to Zendaya, "The internet said 'praise for Zendaya in euphoria but let’s not forget.'" The actor's fans are totally supportive, of course, but also are completely willing to call her out for these hilarious throwbacks. 

No one knew how to filter a photo quite like Zendaya did. 

This heavily filtered photo brings back memories of 2010 when photo editing apps became a major thing. Facebook profile photos everywhere were subject to the overly exposed treatment. "If we printed this image out and shot it into space it could keep our planet illuminated for the next 12 septillion years," one person on Twitter joked. 

But she had the perfect excuse. 

This internet trend was one that we all look back on with regret. But it was the style at the time, and the former Disney star was certainly not alone in trying it. One person poked fun at the star, "glowing" they wrote with a heart eyes emoji. "Listen, that was the style back then," Zendaya tried to explain. 

Zendaya's fan base truly roasted their queen.

Many might forget that way back when Zendaya tried to coin the nickname Zswaggers for her fan base, and now she's cringing at it. One original fan chimed in with a tweet that reads, "This is what you get for naming us Zwaggers." Embrace your awkward past Zendaya, your fans are here for it.