photo: Getty Images/Walter McBride/Instagram/Chink Walter McBride


It's a bird! It's a plane!

No, it's Zendaya — swooping in to smash a Twitter troll into smithereens!

When a Twitter user tried to shame this gorgeous babe's full-body photo with a cruel meme, the internet suffered another blow of negativity.

photo: Twitter/Khalil Underwood /@RealKhalil

Zendaya, asserting her full body-positivity queen status, shut down the jerk who posted the since-deleted Tweet with a few encouraging words...

...and then turned to her Twitter fanbase in hopes of locating the beauty in the photo to give her the opportunity of a lifetime.

The Twitter sleuth army went into action immediately, uncovering that the plus-size princess in question was Instagram superstar "Chink."

Zendaya's clothing company Daya, (which has sizes that range from a 0-22), reached out to her publicly with an informal offer to model for them.

And naturally, she was pretty excited.

Though we are unsure what role Chink will ultimately take on with Daya, we're so excited that she was able to rise above the hate with a little help from Zendaya.

Revelist confirmed with Chink via email someone has in fact reached out to her, but nothing is official as of yet.