Zoë Kravitz has long been a #goal for all things beauty. Thanks to her ever-thriving hair and her glowing skin, it's all too easy to slap a label of perfection on her. However, she recently opened up to Refinery29 about being anything but perfect. 

The actress and singer spoke candidly about her beauty routine, recent partnership with Yves Saint Laurent, the return of her famous braids, and (most important) how her acne affects her confidence.

Just when we thought we couldn't love her anymore, she's reminded us she's a real woman with real problems, just like us.

Kravitz was recently named the face of YSL's Black Opium fragrance. Why? The admitted fragrance snob describes it as "a sexy smell. I'm really picky about smells and perfumes."

YSL Black Opium Fragrance
photo: Yves Saint Laurent

Much to the satisfaction of Kravitz stans everywhere, she's brought back her iconic braids — and that's just one of many things she's done of late that fans are stoked about.

Kravitz recently opened up to Refinery29 that she has acne breakouts on her face like anyone else, despite being the daughter of a rock legend (Lenny Kravitz) and a silver screen icon (Lisa Bonet).

"Also I get bummed when my skin breaks out," Kravitz said. "It really affects my mood and my confidence. Obviously it happens to everyone and it's fine, but I really try to keep it under control. If I have a pimple and I know I have a shoot coming, I start to panic."

Yes! We stan an honest queen!

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How does she fight those breakouts? With a consistent face-washing routine that she's kept since childhood. "My mother definitely instilled that in me quite early, like [she] wouldn't let me go to sleep without washing my face."

BRB, washing our faces forever until we look like Kravitzes.

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Of course, it's only right that Kravitz also discussed her no-makeup makeup look she pulls off better than anyone.

What she looks for most in her makeup routine is products that are light and easy to apply. 

Her must-have product is YSL's Touche Eclat concealer ($38, Sephora). 

When talking about her makeup favorites, she emphasized that "everything else is important, but the most important thing is for skin to look dewy and even."

"I like that [Touche Eclat] really sheer. It's more about balancing things out and brightening things up, as opposed to actually covering. If you slept at someone's house and woke up in the morning, that's [the product] you'd want."

If that's what gives Kravitz this glow, we're sold! 

And on a totally separate note, we can't talk about Zoë Kravitz and beauty without mentioning her badass tattoos — apparently, most of them were completely spontaneous.

So we think it's safe to say ... Zoë Kravitz, you're our queen. 

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