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It's been decades since men were expected to pay for women on dates. When women were less likely to work and earn their own money, men usually footed the bill, no matter the circumstances. But times have changed, and women are fully capable of paying for their own sh*t, thank you very much.

However, some people have incredibly strong feelings regarding who's responsible for the bill. And one Redditor, who goes by the name CuteBananaMuffin, learned this the hard way. Over the weekend, he shared a post on the subreddit r/ChoosingBeggars titled, "Well... There goes the 'friendship' with her" in which he said his date refused to see him again since he didn't pay the bill.

Like most things on the internet, some users questioned whether the story is true. But regardless, it brings up the age-old question: Are men required to pay on dates?

After the first date, the Redditor sent the anonymous woman a text casually asking if she wanted to go out again. Right off the bat, things got heated.

The woman was shocked he had the audacity to ask her out again after refusing to pay for her meal on the first date. CuteBananaMuffin, however, didn't realize she was mad.

Confused, the Redditor explained that she's the one who asked him out, so he thought she'd be OK with paying.

Plus, he added, his date ordered something extremely expensive, which is another reason why he didn't pay. He claimed he ordered pasta and beer, and she ordered lobster and wine.

Who orders lobster on a first date?

He says his meal was a humble $20, while hers was a whopping $126. "I'm a student, not your sugar daddy," he said.

The anonymous woman was incredibly offended by his explanation.

"If you can't pay for a girl's food, then why accept the invite?" she asked. "Gentlemen ALWAYS pay for girl's food." She then added that he must be gay since he didn't pay for her.

Honestly, her reaction is a bit dramatic.

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Paying for a meal is truly not as big of a deal as she made it out to be, but alas, the argument continued.

CuteBananaMuffin defended himself, claiming he was a gentleman for staying, even though she talked about another man.

"You were talking about how much you like **** and that you wanted to make out with him," he told her. She replied saying he only wanted to sleep with her anyway.

The conversation ended quickly after that.

He agreed that he did want to sleep with her, but claimed she'd charge him even more money. Needless to say, this relationship will never amount to anything.

Shortly after the conversation surfaced, it went viral. People have LOTS of opinions.

One woman on Facebook said a man would be foolish to fall for something like this and that there's a fine line between being a gentleman and being stupid.

This man believes men should always pay, under one condition.

He also believes women need to be considerate about what they order without going overboard. Another woman responded that expecting men to pay leads to entitlement.

One older woman said she grew up in a time when men were expected to pay, but still agrees the woman was in the wrong.

She said she was taught not to order something expensive and expect the "poor guy" to have a pocketful of money.

Another woman was shocked that many people still believe the man should pay.

Sure, it was traditional back in the day, but society is a bit more progressive now. Women work hard AF for their money and can pay for their own damn stuff. 

One man had a perfectly rational explanation on how a date should go.

The one who initiates the date, regardless of being a man or woman, should pay. The one who is invited should offer to pay their share. Makes sense, right?

People have tons of opinions on who should pay, but this girl is actually correct.

The best way to approach a date? COMMUNICATE. Talk about who will pay. Never assume. How is this such a big issue?

Basically, even in 2019, nobody understands how dating works.

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No wonder there's an endless gender war going on. Smh.