william shakespeare dating profile


photo: Revelist/Melissa Stanger

Finally, a reason to have read Shakespeare in high school!

To commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Bard's death on April 23, Match.com searched through user profiles to find out if there was a correlation between mentioning Shakespeare in your dating profile and your success rate in receiving a response back from a match.

It turns out, there is — men who mentioned or quoted Willy Shakes in their profiles had a 27% higher response rate (from women) than those who didn't. Women had a 30% higher response rate.

Match also found that singles in certain cities were more likely to mention Shakespeare than others: People in Kalamazoo, Michigan, mentioned the "Macbeth" writer the most, followed by Boise, Idaho; Montgomery, Alabama; and Washington, DC.

I guess the lesson here is that it doesn't hurt to hat-tip the Bard on online dating profiles... just make sure you don't take any love advice from "Romeo and Juliet."